From Camping to Glamping – Where to do it all in Woodland Hills

In the midst of what many renowned sociologists are calling “the Kardashianization” of society, it should come as no surprise that the concept of “glamping” was recently born as a global trend offering outdoor enthusiasts an “upgrade” on rest and recreation. When broken down, the reference literally means “glamorous camping,” which at first would seem like a blatantly obvious oxymoron – but glamping has had an undeniable appeal for travelers who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the “uncomfortable” negatives; indeed, when glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bags to unroll and become inundated with insect life and no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, pod, igloo, villa, cabin, cube, teepee or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing a luxury aspect.

Of course, traditional camping still remains uber-popular amongst those who specifically seek out the wild side of nature and appreciate it in its raw, unbridled form. When it comes to glamping and camping near Woodland Hills, there are a handful of specific locales that we would wholeheartedly recommend, and in this Woodland Hills Magazine roundup we’ve outlined these places to unwind, escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of downtown L.A. and even unleash your inner Kardashian, if that’s what it’s all about for you.


Musch Trail Camp is a small campground situated in the eastern section of the mountains of Topanga State Park, about a mile from the park’s entrance by hike. Here, campers can lounge in style under Eucalyptus Trees and revel in amenities such as restrooms, fresh water and picnic tables, with the six campsites comprising the park contributing to the small, intimate setting in an open area parallel to the trail. Often referred to by those lucky enough to have discovered it as “underutilized,” the Musch Trail Camp is one of the L.A. area’s most beautiful little secrets.


Serene Healing Escape definitely represents the definition of glamping in Woodland Hills – just outside of L.A. is this serenity-endowed area that transports visitors to a completely different world, offering Lotus tents and direct access to the main cottage where kitchen, bathroom and other facilities await. At Serene Healing Escape, you will awaken to tropical bird songs as a natural alarm, walk on hiking trails right off the edge of the property, read or catch a siesta in the Honeymoon Hammock, detox in the sauna overlooking the hills, cleanse yourself in indoor and outdoor showers and relax by the campfire while taking in nature’s night serenade. The property is canine-friendly and offers the option of adding the VIP Health Package, which includes cleansing and nourishing foods, health coaching, guided barefoot hiking, guided meditation, menu planning and cooking guidance, take home tools and more.

(photography by Emily Thomas)


Malibu Creek Compound  sits just 25 miles from Los Angeles and boasts a park with over 4,000 acres featuring hiking, fishing, bird-watching and horseback riding. With 15 miles of streamside trail running through Oak and Sycamore woodlands and chaparral-covered slopes, Malibu Creek Compound has become nature enthusiasts’ top pick solely because of its primary draw: The 25-mile Malibu Creek in the midst of the park, which is also the principal watercourse of the Santa Monica Mountains, from Boney Mountain to Malibu Lagoon. What’s more, this park was the center of Chumash Native American life for centuries and was once used as a backdrop for numerous films and TV shows such as Planet of the Apes and MASH.


With a name like The Gypsy Escape Camp, you know there must be something special waiting to whisk you away from everyday reality – here at this “eco-chic glamping space” on a mystical Topanga Canyon mountaintop, you can unplug from your handheld world and enjoy countryside tranquility, what with amenities such as a chandeliered gypsy tent, cozy caravan trailer, outdoor claw foot bath, tin roof cottage, hiking trails and large stone labyrinth right at your back porch. Prepare yourself to be reenergized and find inspiration at this private sanctuary in the hills of Topanga Canyon, historically home to gypsy souls, hippie hearts and fairy spirits. Thoughtfully designed to serve as a “beach house/summer hiking escape” as well as a “cozy mountain winter cabin retreat,” The Gypsy Escape Camp is rented in its entirety for one to four people, with weekends and holidays rented for a two-night minimum.

(photography by Nash & Kim Finley)


Malibu Lagoon Campground, officially known as Malibu Lagoon State Beach Campground, offers 57 campsites – half of which are designated to strictly tent camping – and a close proximity to the beach, making it a popular locale for secluded getaways while staying within the area’s natural wilderness. To say that Malibu Lagoon Campground takes camping near Woodland Hills to another level would be a serious understatement.

If you are new to the Woodland Hills area – or have been here awhile but merely associated the neighborhood with fashionista-approved shopping outlets – it may indeed be an eye-opening experience to learn of the area’s camping and glamping offerings. In any event, we hope you won’t think of camping near Woodland Hills in quite the same way again.