The Document People In Woodland Hills Is Here To Help

The internet is an incredible thing. From how we originally used the internet to send each other electronic-mail, we now use to shop, find new incredible places to eat right in Woodland Hills, to incredibly personal uses such as banking and legal document preparation.

While there are so many choices online for having your legal paperwork prepared, we took special time to find out what makes The Document People in Woodland Hills tick. And you know what? Nothing beats being able to walk into a location and build a relationship with a REAL PERSON who is most likely helping you through a difficult situation or planning for the future. They will put that smile on your face that says everything is going to be ok. They are now the only people that we trust for legal document preparation.

The Document People has been a local business since the 90’s, and has had the Woodland Hills location on Don Pio and Ventura since 1998. The Document People have a wide array of services all geared towards taking care of you and your loved ones for the long run, for competitive prices next to other only online services.

The Document People don’t charge by the hour, which sounds crazy coming from anything that has to do with lawyers and the court system. They have a flat fee that covers it all, so you know what you are spending the moment you walk in the door. Other similar business might not disclose upfront all the fees. The Document People is upfront and honest, and will help you finalize your legal documents, no matter how much time it takes. The Document People offers living trusts packages that include pour-over will, financial power of attorney, medical directive and notary for a flat fee ($499 for a single person, $599 for a married couple). They are drafted entirely by an attorney – the best deal around for sure.

Another benefit about The Document People is that every location is independently owned. Some of their services can be done online, but what really makes their office special, is being able to come in and talk to a real person about your best options for your legal matters. Chances are, the person you speak to on the phone when calling to make the appointment will be the same person greeting you at the door. If you don’t want to come into the physical location, The Document People experts will also be glad to help you via phone or email. They want you to be able to handle your legal matters the way you prefer. Don’t believe us? Your neighbors on Yelp have left them a 5 star rating.

While we were speaking with The Document People, they taught us about the importance of having a Living Trust. Turns out, Living trusts are a necessity the moment you own a home; they are not just for wealthy individuals and celebrities! If you own a home a will is not enough – even if nobody is contesting anything. Having a will is better than having nothing at all, but it does not protect your dear ones from having to spend a considerable amount of time and money in court. The Document People have a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of legal matters on their blog, for you curious minds.

Woodland Hills Magazine is happy to have such a wonderful business located right here in Woodland Hills. Their attention to detail, professionalism and their caring helpfulness is what makes The Document People our favorite choice for any legal document preparation in Woodland Hills. Don’t procrastinate any more on taking care of the future of your family and loved ones. When you stop in The Document People and mention this article from Woodland Hills Magazine, they will gladly take off $50 off regular fees. We are all looking out for each other here in Woodland Hills. You can find The Document People in Woodland Hills at 21904 Ventura Blvd, and their office phone number is (818) 704-9395. 

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The information contained in this blog – including information of a legal nature – is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.