Feel the Squeeze:

Some of the Best Juice Bars in Woodland Hills

At one point, juice bars were all the rage throughout L.A., as it promised to cleanse, detox and reset the systems of all those high-heel-stiletto-wearing fashionistas out there dying to keep their shapes as they strolled down Rodeo Drive in wildly expensive skirt suits, Louis Vuitton purses in hand. Fast-forward to the beginning of 2016, and the world seems even busier today, giving Los Angelinos another reason to continue the juicing trend. Now, the concept has settled into being a standardized part of living a healthy life as opposed to just “a thing;” yet, “a thing” it remains: Juice bars have opened in such L.A. hot spots as the Ace Hotel downtown and in Highland Park, adding to the dozens of locales where people are paying in the double digits for their luxo juice fix.

In the San Fernando Valley, there are a select number of places one can find yummy, fresh-pressed juices, and we’ve assembled some of our favorites in this roundup. Looking for some of the best juice bars in Woodland Hills? Let Woodland Hills Magazine be your ultimate guide!

Bottles of juice with fruits and vegetables on windowsill close

Mr. Juice, located at 20014 Ventura Boulevard, offers fresh-squeezed juices, fresh vegetable juices, Italian gelato and sorbet, Iranian ice cream, traditional Persian drinks, fresh pizza and Panini – so no matter what you’re in the mood for, Mr. Juice can make it happen. Established in 2011, this family-owned juice bar and ice cream shop uses no artificial ingredients or preservatives in its products, its team proud to serve patrons the fresh fruit and vegetables the body craves to stay healthy and live longer. With 30 different juice selections, there’s no way not to get your “squeeze on” at one of the best juice bars in Woodland Hills.

Juicy Ladies, located at 22423 Ventura Boulevard, specializes in 100-percent organic and vegan cuisine, juices, smoothies, deserts and snacks, and even offers an assortment of custom meal plans that can be delivered daily to customers, ensuring superb quality and taste. Established in 2009, Juicy Ladies is about more than the products they serve – owners Maggie and Kinzie strive to educate the public with regard to how clean, nutritionally-balanced meals can mend, restore and harmonize, hoping to change people’s eating habits and cravings. Their continued goal is to prove that Juicy Ladies’ pure plant-based organic meals, juices and smoothies are the “absolute best-tasting, feel-good food and drink to be found – anywhere.”

Healthy Greens Organics, located at 20929 Ventura Boulevard, was established in 2014 and prides itself on beginning with fresh, flavorful items from Mother Earth: Crisp, cold fruits and vegetables from local markets that are used to make fresh drinks. Using local and organic sources, Healthy Green Organics transforms these juices into a fantastic-tasting beverage, offering a delicious and convenient way to help everyone acquire optimum health. Packed with fruits and toppings, the Acai Bowl remains a customer favorite at Healthy Greens Organics, boasting a nice, thick consistency and generous size.

EarthBar, located at 21530 Oxnard Street, is a juice bar located inside the Equinox Gym offering some of the best, all-natural smoothies without the loads of sugar and empty calories other “healthy eating” locales tend to load their products with. Here, customer favorites such as the Acai Pure and Earth Berry combine with offerings like wellness shots that many Earthbar fans say can be felt almost immediately, while a wide array of juices, multivitamins, power bars and more teach you how to love your body and treat it well.

SunLifeOrganics, located at 4799 Commons Way Suite E in Calabasas, is the brainchild of Khalil Rafati and his girlfriend Hayley Gorcey, who wanted to provide access to true nourishment for neighbors, friends and members of the community…a place where they could strive to love, heal and inspire one another. At SunLife Organics, only premium organic produce, superfoods and supplements are taken advantage of to create a plethora of out-of-this-world fresh juices, custom smoothies, young Thai coconut preparations, protein shakes, signature shakes, frozen yogurt and much more. Among the juice bar favorites customers return time and time again for are the Veggie, Fast Eddy (made with apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne), Malibu Sunrise (made with orange, strawberry and carrot) and Zuma Canyon (made with apple, fennel, cucumber, mint and lemon).

It seems to be warming up again around L.A., which means more sunlight and better weather is on the horizon. As you’re being active around town, be sure to stop by one of these juice bars to grab a refreshing treat that will revitalize your body with the aid of fruits, vegetables and nutrients in liquid form.