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Some of the Best Italian Restaurants in Woodland Hills

The evolution of Italian cuisine in the City of Angels from 1950 to current times – including the classic eateries from the early days of fine dining to the trattoria-esque restaurants of today – is a study in the influences, changes and current state of Italian food in the United States. The first Italian to arrive in Los Angeles is generally recognized as Sardinia-born Giovanni Leandri in the 1820s, who went on to operate a shop on Calle de los Negros, an alley situated near Old Chinatown. While it’s believed by many Los Angelinos that the city’s Little Italy district is all but a fleeting memory of its once-bustling self, the culture and love of food lives on not just in memories but in the very tangible monuments that one can still experience firsthand.

Believe it or not, many restaurants are considered such “monuments” by the plethora of Italian Angelinos that have relocated to communities such as Woodland Hills. In the expanse of the San Fernando Valley, Italian cuisine is far from sparse, yet people are always on the lookout for the best among the best…here are our picks of some of the best Italian restaurants in Woodland Hills.

Adagio Ristorante, located at 22841 Ventura Boulevard, is routinely talked about amongst the myriad of return customers that are drawn to its comfortable, non-intimidating setting. Owner Claudio is always there to greet patrons at the door, making the experience akin to seeing a long-lost relative, while complimentary “gifts” like rice balls with a delicious raised mushroom and cheese topping are often referred to by the restaurant’s legions of fans as a “little slice of heaven.” From classics such as Caesar Salad and Pasta E Fagioli to incredible pasta creations with rich Bolognese sauces, Adiago is definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in Woodland Hills.

Situated at 21604 Ventura Boulevard, Zano’s Pizza Kitchen satisfies the cravings for the best pizza and pastas in the Woodland Hills area in a pleasant, casual dine-in experience. Everything Zano’s makes is crafted to order, whether it’s the eatery’s perfect pizzas, fresh salads, decadent calzones, appetizing Paninis or scrumptious deserts. The kitchen cooks with the freshest ingredients available and everything is prepared daily including the bread, pizza dough, sauces and dressings. Established in 1991, Zano’s Pizza Kitchen remains family owned and operated, committed to serving the Woodland Hills community only the best, made-from-scratch food…a formula that has kept loyal guests coming back for some 20 years.

With locations all across the U.S., Maggiano’s Little Italy in Woodland Hills, located at 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, is a family-style experience that leaves patrons full, satisfied and thoroughly promising to return again. Calamari, Caesar Salad, Ravioli and a plethora of classic appetizers are all served to share with the whole family, in an indoor or outdoor setting, while a mellow atmosphere allows patrons to take in the classical music playing in the background. A massive main dining area – a Maggiano’s staple – complements several banquet rooms for weddings, business gatherings or any other special occasion, while red checkered tablecloths covered with white linens add yet another element of charm when enjoying a special dinner. When classic Italian served American style is on the roster, look no further than Maggiano’s Little Italy.

The Original Pizza Cookery, situated at 6209 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, has become famous for its Garlic ‘n Cheese Bread Rolls, pizzas, pastas, salads and sandwiches, also offering more than a few gluten-free and vegan options. Established in 1975, the restaurant is celebrating 40 years in business, originally founded by Jordan Klemner and continuing the goal to always serve the best-tasting pizza in town…in the friendliest environment. Reviews, awards and long-time customers prove the enduring appeal of The Original Pizza Cookery, what with its sweeping, open-view kitchen, sawdust floors, warm homemade rolls, enormous serving sizes and friendly wait staff – many of whom have been with the establishment for over 15 years. The pizza here, in particular, has been the recipient of numerous awards and continues to be honored year in year out by leading magazines, blogs, review sites and television stations.

Woodland Hills’ Il Fornaio, located at 6320 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, offers diners an award-winning culinary journey through the landscape of authentic Italian food. Specialties here include house-made pastas, wood-fired pizza, grilled fresh fish, authentic risotto and rotisserie meats, while the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques fuse to create a wide variety of premium-quality Italian cuisine that’s paired with great wines and cocktails. Interestingly, Il Fornaio was established in 1972 in Italy as a baking school, renowned for its adherence to Italian cooking tradition and techniques – by 2013, the name was attached to a successful restaurant model, certified Authentic Italian and awarded the Marchio Ospitalita by the Italian government, confirming that Il Fornaio is the best authentic Italian dining experience outside of Italy.

From the creation of incredible recipes to preparations that a steeped-in-legacy European population has mastered over centuries of making great food, Italian cuisine remains one of the world’s most popular types of recognizable dining choices. Indeed, when taking all these aforementioned spots into consideration, it is safe to say Woodland Hills, California isn’t immune from this statistic.