Sushi’s history originated in antiquity, when cultivation of rice arrived in Japan nearly 2,000 years ago. In its “primitive” form, sushi came into being as a fish preservation method by way of fermented rice; during the Muromachi period, the rice began to be consumed along with the fish, while in the Edo period, fermented rice was replaced by vinegar. By the early 1900s, sushi was already being served in the United States after a Japanese immigration surge following the Meiji Restoration. The first sushi restaurant in the U.S was believed to have opened in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1906. It is perhaps fitting, then, that our roundup of some of the most savory sushi restaurants in Woodland Hills has everything to do with the love Los Angelinos show for this delicacy – especially considering that the now-famous California Roll was invented in the City of Angels when a slice of avocado was substituted for the seasonal torto to make a traditional Maki Roll. No matter how you take your raw fish, you’ll find a lot to like in our showcase of excellent sushi restaurants in Woodland Hills.

Cho Cho San was established in 1977 and has been in business for well over 38 years now, expanding to four different locations throughout the Los Angeles County area, each of these locations providing its own different environment that best suits customers’ dine-in experience. The specialties here concentrate on sushi, but the restaurants also offer teriyaki and tempura dinners and other Japanese cuisine that is prepared either tableside or from the tantalizing sushi bar. Kisho Japanese Restaurant is the newest member of the Cho Cho San family of eateries, located in Valencia and which also specializes in both sushi and teppan-yaki; at Kisho, you will find many of the famed Cho Cho San favorites such as the Rock’n Roll, 911 Roll, 3 Amigos Hand Roll, Crunchy Roll and the Special Albacore Roll. The Cho Cho San location near Woodland Hills is situated at 19010 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant offers delicious food, generous portions, affordable prices and a terrific lunch and Happy Hour menu, with specialties of the house encompassing Soy Ramen, Spicy Mio Ramen, Beef Sukiyaki, Mixed Tempura, Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll and Gyoza. Much more than a sushi bar, Kabuki offers a number of different “boat dinners” which include Japanese barbecue in addition to unique creations like the Firecracker with two scoops of spicy tuna and wonton chips, as well as an incredible spicy tuna salad. The restaurant is located at 20940 Ventura Boulevard.

Katsu-Ya is headed by executive chef and owner Katsuya Uechi, one of only four master sushi chefs in all of Los Angeles who brings three decades of culinary artistry and restaurant operations to the world. Born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, Katsuya is known simply as “Katsu,” for his distinctive style and first-rate execution of high-quality traditional sushi preparations, and is recognized as one of the major style-setters in the world of Japanese cuisine. The many specialties concocted by Uechi and his team are Sashimi-Style Watermelon, Cold Eggplant in Jade, Salmon and Mushrooms Steamed in Foil, Mixed Rice with Sweet Potato, Houraku-Yaki and more. Katsu-Ya is located at 6220 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Shibuya  will fulfill all your sushi fantasies, from the Shibuya House Roll and Ikura Sushi to Albacore Sushi, Baked Crab Roll and Spicy Shrimp on Rice Cake. Love premium-quality fish? You’ll love Shibuya, where excellent sushi comes in the form of the Spicy Lobster Cut Roll and Spicy Tuna Cut Roll…to say nothing of the fun vibe, easy parking and incredible sense of hospitality. This Woodland Hills favorite is located at 4774 Park Granada Suite 8B in Calabasas.

Banzai Sushi offers a multitude of specialty rolls and many Japanese staple dishes, with everything made fresh to order. Located in the heart of Old Town Calabasas, this is one of L.A.’s premier spots for premium sushi, where patrons can experience a unique sushi bar and inviting dining room or enjoy the indoor and outdoor patios. Banzai’s delicious menu features a plethora of both traditional and contemporary dishes, including the freshest-quality sushi, sashimi and exotic house sushi rolls, in addition to an array of appetizers, succulent teriyaki and crisp tempura selections. Banzai Sushi is located at 23508 Calabasas Road in Calabasas.

Angelinos seem to spend their waking hours obsessing over the concept of sushi; indeed, from the too-numerous-to-count bars dotting the San Fernando Valley to the strip-mall gems embedded in the South Bay. Sushi is ingrained in Southern California’s DNA. There has never been a better time to turn over your taste buds to the whims of exciting sushi restaurants in Woodland Hills…without the need of a passport.