Where Pampered Pets Play…When Mom and Dad are Away:
Premium Pet Daycare and Grooming Services in Woodland Hills

Sometimes they chew our furniture, but we love them unconditionally. Others tear up our couches and have plenty of indoor accidents, but when those adorable faces are accentuated with the pulling-on-our-heartstrings “puppy dog eyes” and those heads cock to the sides like a proverbial grandfather clock, we can’t stay mad at them for very long. We’re talking about, of course, our beloved four-legged furry friends…and whether your companion is of the canine or feline variety, you know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them as members of the family.

When we find ourselves needing to go out of town for a few days, or if we’ll be away from the house from dawn till dusk on a particular day, the importance of finding a reliable “doggie daycare” service becomes paramount. The factors we need to take into consideration are sometimes daunting – what is the facility’s credentials? Do the animals feel safe around these people? Is the facility clean and sanitary? Are the four-legged friends looked after and monitored regularly? And then there’s the grooming to take into consideration…while our furry companions are there, can they get baths and have their nails clipped? What kind of experience does the staff boast with regard to pet grooming?

Sometimes finding a quality doggie daycare facility can be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack because they are most decidedly not all created equal. We have rounded up some of Woodland Hills’ most revered pet salons that will not only provide the peace of mind you require when you must be separated from your best friend, but also the comforting assurance that he or she will be in caring, capable and loving hands…

Or is it paws?

The mission statement that drives the staff at Puppy Friends Social Club, located at 20600 Ventura Boulevard #1403, is simple: To love and care for each and every animal the same way they would want someone to take care of their own. Ensuring that each furry companion that comes through the door is treated with as much love as their owners exhibit when they’re home, Puppy Friends Social Club is often called “one of the best dog groomers in Woodland Hills” and offers a plethora of services including boarding and daycare, which encompasses professional trainers, puppy counselors, nap time, snacks, toys, health and sanitation; dog walking; private training and pet grooming. Additional services include daily visits, overnights, house sitting, vet tech care, haircuts and more.

Wagon Tail Ranch Doggie Day Camp and Bed & Bones, located at 22644 Sylvan Street, is all about dogs – whether they be puppies working their way through the potty training stages or seniors that require extra assistance and love. Providing boarding and daycare for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds, Wagon Tail Ranch boasts a comprehensive, loving staff that are self-proclaimed canine enthusiasts, and the facility itself sits on a fenced-in acre of land in Woodland Hills’ Walnut Acres so there’s plenty of room for the “clients” to run around and play. A full roster of daycare, boarding, playdate and other services are offered by this unique “doggie property.” A must for enthusiastic canine owners.

In the spirit of our roundup, The Pampered Pet Hotel & Spa, located at 20920 Victory Boulevard, strives to provide the ultimate experience for both the pet and the owner. As a full-service facility, The Pampered Pet offers all this in a safe and healthy environment…a sanctuary where dogs can play in a carefree atmosphere while being loved and cared for like family. This family-owned business, among some of the best dog groomers in Woodland Hills, offers multiple cozy and spacious rooms, sprawling indoor play areas boasting custom Webcam access via mobile devices or a computer, a full-service spa and salon and much more.

The Grooming Salon, situated at 22126 Ventura Boulevard and conveniently located directly across from VCA Veterinary Specialists of the Valley, offers a unique grooming experience for clients’ pets and remains dedicated to providing a calm, relaxing atmosphere for both dogs and cats. Because canines and felines are more sensitive to sights, sounds and scents, The Grooming Salon’s staff is specially trained in more than just grooming applications…they also pamper the mind and body.

Grooming is a vital part in the well-being and health plan of a dog or cat, and it has been proven to improve their life spans. It is important to remember that while many dogs and cats shed, some – such as the lovable Poodle – do not as profusely, and as such require grooming by a professional every six to eight weeks at a maximum. By visiting any of the aforementioned facilities in our “best dog groomers in Woodland Hills” roundup, you can be sure your four-legged best friend – whether he or she barks or meows – are in the best of paws.