The tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns began centuries ago in ancient Ireland. Turnips, instead of pumpkins, were carved with scary faces to ward off evil spirits on the spookiest day of the year, when the dearly departed would make a visit to their relatives when the veil between the underworld and the living was at its thinnest.  When the Irish made their way to America, the tradition changed from using turnips to pumpkins. Now, October in Woodland Hills has come to be that wickedly wonderful time of the year where pumpkin spice anything can be found on every shelf of every grocery store or café, sweater weather is being day dreamed about and best of all, the impending countdown for Halloween.

Decorations are being made or put together, parties are being planned, costumes are being decided on, but the one tradition that has never been forgotten is of course the Jack-o-lantern carving. But what to do with all those left over seeds once the convivial carving has taken place? Woodland Hills Magazine has rounded up some delicious recipes for pumpkin seed everything for you to enjoy long after the Halloween festivities have taken place.

This recipe is perfect for those who love that salty and sweet combo. This healthy, delicious snack is also perfect to hand out in little baggies as a Halloween treat!

Cooking With My Kid
Caramelized Pumpkin Seeds from Cooking With My Kid

After you dry and roast your pumpkin seeds, this is a great, naturally gluten and refined sugar free breakfast cookie that the whole family will enjoy.

Healthy Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies from Leelalicious

This healthy pumpkin seed granola is perfect for this fall time of the year. Naturally vegan and gluten free, a bowl of this with some almond milk would be absolutely delectable.


Pumpkin and Seeds Granola from Leelalicious

After scrolling through the baby pumpkin patch pictures, you’ll find this delicious recipe for chocolate covered salty and sweet pumpkin seeds! Sounds like a perfect Halloween/autumn treat to me!

The Diva Dish
Chocolate Covered Sweet N' Salty Pumpkin Seeds from The Diva Dish
To conclude our roundup of what to do with pumpkin seeds, we’ve found some tips and tricks for those wanting to grow their green thumb, how to properly store pumpkin seeds to plant your own pumpkins in your garden next year!

Gardening Know How
Saving Pumpkin Seeds: How To Store Pumpkin Seed For Planting
We at Woodland Hills Magazine hope you enjoy our round up of perfectly pleasant pumpkin seed recipes! Let us know what you think of our selection in the comments below, and share some pictures of your creations!