To study the history of the sun-kissed, historically-rich Mediterranean region is to look at a proverbial legacy of the people and cultures of the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Often called the “central superhighway of transport, trade and commerce exchange between diverse populations” encompassing three continents, the Mediterranean area of the world dates back to the development and origin of the Islamic, Christian, Ottoman, Byzantine, Roman, Greek, Carthaginian, Hebrew, Phoenician, Canaanite, Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures.

When it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, it’s all about the cornucopia of cultures, historical connections of the region and the impact of the actual Mediterranean Sea on the region’s climate and economy…and how all these elements find their way into the savory, flavorful foods we have come to enjoy in America and around the world.

Looking for Mediterranean food in Woodland Hills? This Southern California neighborhood is not without its own collection of awe-inspiring, uber-authentic Mediterranean dining spots…and whether it’s a hankering for Hummus or a fiening for Falafel, there’s something for every appetite at these Woodland Hills eateries.

Mazar Mediterranean Restaurant, situated in the beating heart of Woodland Hills at 21926 Ventura Boulevard, takes the consummate Mediterranean cuisine experience and serves it as authentic food made from only the freshest, most genuine of ingredients. Here, traditional cooking techniques are applied to create a menu that offers the delicious Arabic flavor culinary enthusiasts have relished for centuries…a menu that includes such staples as crunchy and hot perfectly-prepared Falafel, smoky and creamy Baba Ghanoush, outstanding Tabbouleh and classic Hummus.

With three locations throughout the Los Angeles area, Hummus Republic – situated at 21801 Oxnard Street #4 in Woodland Hills – takes a bit of a different approach to the Mediterranean dining experience by taking it out of the restaurant setting for the first time. Offering a broad variety of items such as salads that come without dressings so each customer chooses his or her favorite to create their own flavor-infused concoction, vegan and gluten-free dishes and three kinds of Hummus made fresh daily, Hummus Republic’s vision remains providing healthy, affordable food that is not only delicious but is unique every single time.

Falafel Bar, located at 21765 Ventura Boulevard, is a family-owned-and-operated Mediterranean-style restaurant using recipes that have been perfected for three generations since 1942, when the first family restaurant was opened in Jerusalem. Here, a tradition of fusing authentic Middle Eastern spices and delicacies has yielded a menu Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts return for time and time again, and which includes Shawarma, Beef Shish Kabob, Ground Beef Kabob, Chicken Pargiot, Shniztel, Hummus plates and more.

Bibi Sara, located at 4878 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, has become one of Woodland Hills’ favorite local spots for takeout and even catering for large family dinners and parties. From Kebabs and Kebab sandwiches to Falafel that has become almost renowned amidst L.A.’s Mediterranean dining subculture, this hidden gem offers delicious, simple, to-the-point, affordable Middle Eastern cuisine that includes specialties based on special Iranian recipes. Don’t forget to ask for the Cherry Rice.

Indeed, Mediterranean dining is often focused on “simple” cooking techniques and is traditionally plant-based in nature, with a heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, beans and olive oil. One of the key components of Mediterranean food is related to the elevation of the meal as a social event – these dishes are often consumed and cherished at leisure with family and friends. You can be sure any of the restaurants we’ve highlighted above will fit this bill perfectly, so when the search for Mediterranean food in Woodland Hills is in full swing you’ll know exactly where to look.