Hiking in Woodland Hills offers visitors and locals a beautiful scenery and an enjoyable adventure. The hiking trails found in the area allow hikers of all levels to relish in the outdoors of Woodland Hills. One such trail that can be found is the Top of Topanga Overlook.

Although this is a popular area for hiking in Woodland Hills, the view is spectacular and worth the potential run-in with other hikers or visitors. Standing at the edge of the overlook, you can see the Red Rock Canyon Park as well as the Santa Monica Mountains, Calabasas, and the Santa Susana Mountains. The hiking trail is about two miles long and requires you to hike in and back out. There is a slight increase in elevation from the beginning of the hike to the destination, about 160 feet. There is a less-traveled route to the Top of Topanga Overlook; however, it is an unmarked trail. This alternative route can be found along the Calabasas Peak between two fire roads. Once you have reached the Top of Topanga Overlook, there are some other hiking trails available, if you are looking for more than a two-mile trek.The Top of Topanga Overlook provides an array of amenities to its visitors, such as restrooms, informational displays, benches, and drinking fountains. If you are wanting to enjoy the view but are unable to make the two-mile hike, there is free parking on site near the overlook that includes spots for about 10 to 12 vehicles. According to past visitors, the drive up to the Top of Topanga Overlook can be quite frightening for those not used to driving in the mountains. So if you do plan on making the drive, take your time and have an experienced driver. The fact that people are able to drive to the overlook causes some congestion of people at the top; but the hiking trail is less populated, allowing for a peaceful hike both up to the overlook and back down.

Although the Top of Topanga Overlook is closed between sunset and sunrise, many hikers and other visitors enjoy taking in the views of the valley and mountains during a starry night. In fact, it can get quite crowded in the evening hours with couples gathering to appreciate the romantic atmosphere of the star-filled overlook.

No matter where you reside, it is worth traveling to see the alluring views that can be witnessed from this point. Pack up your hiking gear and get out on the trails hiking in Woodland Hills, and make it a point to stop at the Top of Topanga Overlook and see the beauty it has to offer for yourself.