If you need legal assistance, but cannot afford the high costs of an attorney, it would be wise to use a service such as The Document People. A licensed legal document preparer can effectively help you prepare legal filings for a variety of cases for a fraction of attorney’s fees. The Document People location in Woodland Hills can provide efficient professional assistance in preparing legal documents for living trusts, business incorporation, and other personal legal matters.

Quick and Easy Living Trusts

Many people seek to create a living trust to arrange their personal financial affairs before they pass away, and to avoid having their estate go through the lengthy and expensive probate process. It may be confusing as to how to set up a living trust, but the Document People can definitely help. The Woodland Hills legal assistance office can work with you to prepare the necessary documentation, and to ensure that it is timely filed. For more complicated matters, we use the assistance of a local estate planning attorney to provide access to knowledgeable legal advice.

The Woodland Hills legal assistance office offers flat fee services for living trusts and related matters. Other types of cases that might accompany a living trust include a Financial Power of Attorney, Pour Over Will, Notary Public Services, and Healthcare Directives.

Alleviate Some of the Stress Associated with Divorce

Going through a divorce is already hard enough. It doesn’t need to be more stressful by worrying about which papers to file, and whether a court deadline is approaching. Alleviate your stress by letting Woodland Hills legal assistance agency prepare your divorce paperwork. The Woodland Hills location offers efficient and cost effective solutions to make sure your voice is heard in the divorce process.

By using the reasonably priced services of our company, you can avoid rejected filings and missed deadlines. You can also ensure that any settlements reached in uncontested divorces are likely to be approved by the court through the proper wording of your settlement terms.

Get Your Business Off to a Running Start

Many new business owners are unfamiliar with how to form a legal business entity. We provide a comprehensive service that handles all aspects of your LLC or corporation filing. For one single, flat fee, we will perform a name search, create personalized bylaws, issue stock certificates, prepare the articles of incorporation, the first set of corporation minutes, and more. While working on your filings, you can rest assured that we will provide the quickest turnaround time possible, so that you can start working with your business ASAP. We are especially enthusiastic about working with other small businesses in the Woodland Hills area to help foster the economic growth of the local community.