Offering a euphoric atmosphere, floating services, infrared sauna and more, the NOVA Center of Woodland Hills remains a unique anti-stress experience amidst the hustle and bustle of L.A.

Beyond the thick smog that regularly looms on the horizon like a proverbial reminder of excessive emissions and the blaring of horns emanating from non-stop bumper-to-bumper traffic, Los Angeles is a metropolis so fast-paced and grandeur-esque in its status as one of America’s most populated cities, it literally teems with its own unbridled energy. By the time a normal work week unwinds in this most trendy of towns, L.A. – much like its East Coast counterpart in New York – and its plethora of residents often desire a respite…a much-needed escape from the urban chaos for the precious few days before they must do it all over again. In Woodland Hills, that escape most definitely comes in the form of the NOVA Center, a unique destination that offers a variety of services to refresh and rejuvenate both the body and mind.

Centrally located at 22041 Clarendon Street, the NOVA Center was created with the vision to provide an inviting and casual environment for clients to relax in, while improving their overall wellbeing. Boasting a quasi-hedonistic, fully euphoric atmosphere that makes for the perfect backdrop to the myriad of services offered, the NOVA Center promotes a sense of relaxation from the moment customers walk through the door. The business originally opened as a “flotation center,” offering de-stressing “floating” services, but eventually evolved to become a multi-service oasis for improving health issues and greatly impacting customers’ daily lives. Fusing these unique services together, representatives of the NOVA Center were able to create a retreat where clients can not only relax and unwind but rejuvenate themselves mentally and physically.

Beginning with the NOVA Center’s floating services – what the business was originally built on – clients can experience a zero gravity environment in unique float pods that contain approximately 11 inches of water, heated to skin temperature, and 1200 pounds of Epsom salt, enabling the mind and body to fully relax; customers have actually referred to the sensation they experience on the pods as “floating in space.” Full spectrum infrared sauna therapy, meanwhile, utilizes a combination of wavelengths to offer six preset health programs to target desired health goals. Near infrared is used for cell health and skin rejuvenation, mid infrared is used to deliver pain relief and weight loss and far infrared is for detoxification and reduction of blood pressure. Each of these therapy sessions take place inside a specialized chamber heated with a series of infrared waves, helping the body temperature to rise while encouraging the body to sweat at the cellular level – where most toxins reside.

The NOVA Center’s magnesphere therapy relies on the body’s known response to electromagnetic fields to stimulate, according to Center representatives, “profound relaxation” at an atomic level. The result is chronic pain soothing, improved comfort and a sense of whole-body rejuvenation. The remaining services offered by the NOVA Center, including cryotherapy, quantum energy therapy, hydrofusion techniques, an oxygen bar and Pilates, all yield similar benefits in stimulating mental clarity and providing reduced tension.

There’s a reason why clients continue to return to the NOVA Center of Woodland Hills, and it has everything to do with de-stressing, improving sleep, relieving pain, relaxing and simply enjoying an incredible and unique experience. More information about this emotion-altering destination can be obtained by calling (818) 914-4887 or visiting