Living in Woodland Hills or the San Fernando Valley leaves you with an abundance of options when it comes to eating a delicious meal. But want to know where to find the best sub sandwiches? There are numerous sub-sandwich shops throughout this area, mostly being  large corporations  such as Subway and Quiznos, but there are still some hidden gems scattered throughout Los Angeles that deserve the attention they get.

One such gem, Dan’s Super Subs, is a delicious hole-in-the-wall stop that never disappoints. Being located in Woodland Hills since 1980, Dan’s has served its delicious sandwiches to generation after generation. Owned by two brothers and their families, Dan’s Super Subs serves nothing but freshly baked bread and high quality cuts of meat that contain zero MSG. Adding to its flawless reputation, Dan’s was awarded “Best Sub Sandwiches in Los Angeles” and attributed “CULT” status by numerous customers, magazines, newspapers, TV Shows and Celebrities.

Dan’s Super Subs mixes delicious food with a sense of Los Angeles tradition that can’t be mimicked by any other sandwich shop. Stop by and try their terrific cold cuts or even a hot sub prepared by their Revolutionary High Pressure Dry Steamers that use no grease or oil and prepares the sandwich so that it literally melts in your mouth.

Stop by their store located at 22446 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills CA and enjoy these sub sandwiches that definitely deserve the prefix “Super” and the title of Best Sub Sandwiches in Woodland Hills.