A gentleman by the name of Charles Hillman conducted a study in 2007 that suggested exercise boosts brain power and even helps Alzheimer’s in the elderly – that same year, Dr. Phil Tomporowski concluded that when it comes to kids, time on the bike can impact health even more positively, and that exercise in general can control issues such as ADD. Indeed, the finding that one of the major benefits of regular cycling is weight loss should not come as a surprise. Into this foray has come what is known as “indoor cycling,” or “spinning,” and while it’s become popular in many cities, it has really taken off in appearance-conscious Los Angeles. Everyone from A-listers to Hollywood hopefuls have fully embraced the craze, which is why cycling classes in Woodland Hills have exploded amidst creative spinning studios at every turn.

The following venues offer some of the best cycling classes in Woodland Hills, so if you’re ready to get in shape for what’s left of this summer, the workouts offered at these facilities will have you slipping into that gasp-inducing dress or daring French-cut bikini in no time.

SoulCycle Calabasas represents “indoor cycling, re-invented” with 45-minute workouts that can transform the way you look and feel. Prepare for fat-burning cardio, a full-body workout (including hand weights and core work) and choreography that won’t just change your body, but will change your life. Combining inspirational instructors, candlelit epic spaces and rocking background music, riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls. SoulCycle Calabasas is located at 23500 Park Sorrento Village at Calabasas.

Finergy Cycle brings together the best bikes in the world and the most passionate instructors in L.A., adding the best sound and visuals while putting its own stamp on the cycling sector. This is the ultimate 50-minute sweaty indoor ride, created in 2015 by founders Irina and Jesse after they discovered their shared love of cycling and music; what followed was a creation of every inch of their studio with one thing in mind: A killer experience. Today’s Finergy Cycle is Woodland Hills’ premier heated indoor cycling studio, coaxing clients to sweat, detox, burn up to 1,000 calories, increase athletic performance, improve blood circulation and boost their metabolism. The studio is located at 19952 ½ Ventura Boulevard.

CycleTRaX  represents Woodland Hills’ first and only studio dedicated to indoor cycling and TRX Circuit Training Classes, offering a great workout experience that boasts challenging and exciting courses for all fitness levels with a focus on exceptional instructional service. All classes are coached by highly-skilled, experienced and certified instructors in a studio atmosphere designed to be less intimidating and more inspiring than the large-scaled gym setting; further, cycling classes are taught using the award-winning Keiser M2 bikes, which monitor cadence, calories burned, heart rate and distance. TRX Circuit Training Classes, meanwhile, emphasize low-impact dynamic functional movement in coordination with the TRX Suspension Training System, which leverages gravity and body weight to perform hundreds of exercises to build muscular endurance and core strength. CycleTRaX is located at 21747 Erwin Street.

Beatbike is an “indoor cycling amphitheater” offering everything you need under one roof – indoor cycling, group fitness, personal training and more. Indoor cycling classes include Cycle 45, a 45-minute high-intensity workout set to exhilarating music; 30/30, with 30 minutes of high-intensity cycling followed by 30 minutes of circuit training using resistance bands, core exercises, dumbbells and more; Theme Ride, a fun, themed party on a bike; Beatboxing, a boxing-inspired upper body arm series that is offered during select cycling classes; DJ Ride, which includes a live DJ spinning while you spin some calories off and Cycle 60, encompassing everything from the Cycle 45 class plus an extra 15 minutes to kick it to the next level. Beatbike is located at 18700 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana.

Dragonfly Cycling offers premier cycling classes in Sherman Oaks with 50-minute cycling groups seven days a week by L.A.’s finest and most experienced instructors. No matter what your fitness level and/or experience in cycling may be, you can expect to be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally in every single class, with no two classes being alike. Music taste and class style vary by instructor, yielding an exciting and unique experience each and every time. Dragonfly Cycling is located at 4455 Van Nuys Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

Recent research has shown that cycling as a form of exercise sharpens human thinking, as it gets the nerve cells in the brain firing, making neurons spark into action while fostering the production of proteins such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) – put simply, with every turn of the pedals, your brain gets stronger. Now isn’t that the kind of summer workout you’ve been looking for? Cycling classes in Woodland Hills represent the perfect vessel for this mission.