Bottomless Mimosas in Woodland Hills

Comprised of equal parts champagne – or other sparkling wine – and chilled citrus fruit juice, the quintessential mimosa is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute with morning brunch, to guests at weddings or as part of a “first class” service on some passenger railways and airlines. It is believed to have been invented circa 1925 in the Hotel Ritz Paris by one Frank Meier, probably named after the common phrase in Anglophone Europe for the yellow flowers of Acacia dealbata.

Regardless of the mysterious legends surrounding the cocktail, there is something about the refreshing combination of champagne and orange juice – the fruit juice commonly used when making these concoctions – that goes perfectly with a leisurely Sunday brunch. They’re also delightful on their own, and the following locales have become renowned for serving some of the bubbliest of bottomless mimosas in Woodland Hills.

Villa, located on one of Woodland Hills’ most historic restaurant sites, was the original home of Eckbergs Steak House of the 1960s and 70s, which itself was actually a private home converted to a 10-table restaurant on Ventura Boulevard just off the Shoup exit. As visually reimagined by top interior designer Thomas Schoos, Villa has returned to its “home-themed aesthetic” with its careful attention to every conceivable detail creating a warm and inviting space. In addition to delicious mimosas, Villa serves sparkling, white, rose and red wines by the bottle plus craft cocktails, draft beers, ciders and lambics and bottled beer. The restaurant is located at 22160 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

Sagebrush Cantina, established in 1974, has been a legend in Calabasas for over 40 years, offering Southwestern dining options like burritos, tostada salad, fajitas, Cajun tacos and thirst-quenching margaritas. Yet the restaurant’s most famous and memorable meals take place during its amazing Sunday brunch, where all-you-can-drink champagne and fresh-squeezed orange juice, two shots of flavored vodka, all-you-can-consume soft drinks and mimosas await the most swashbuckling of pre-afternoon revelers. Sagebrush Cantina is located at 23527 Calabasas Road in Calabasas.

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern serves up American comfort food, craft cocktails, beer and wine, its new restaurant location pitting it in the heart of the beautiful new Village at Westfield Topanga. If mimosas are your thing, you’ll find plenty to like on Jimmy’s comprehensive brunch menu, which also features selections like Another Tequila Sunrise, made with El Jimador, OJ and pomegranate juice; Blood Orange or PomegranateBellini, made with peach puree and peach schnapps and more. A dizzying array of food items also accompanies the cocktails on Jimmy’s brunch menu, from housemade buttermilk biscuits to Spicy Ahi PokeJimmy’s Famous American Tavern’s Village at Westfield Topanga location is situated at 6250 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Suite 1550.

LUKE has become something of an “institution” in our Woodland Hills Magazine roundups, but that’s not some kind of coincidence: This neighborhood staple brings quality food and handcrafted beverages together with excellent guest service to yield something truly special in Woodland Hills. Occupying the former La Frite space that has been stripped back to the original 1950s structure, LUKE was creatively redesigned to offer a refreshing, casually-chic and delectable dining and cocktail experience. Here, classic mimosas on a handcrafted brunch menu are offered alongside bar specialties such as the Basil Collins, Sun Worshipper, Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu, Cranberry Lime Caipirihna, Tennessee 2-Step, New Fashioned, Cascade, Two Cities, Pimm’s Cup, Batida Rosa, Venial Sin, Black Cherry Lemonade and Liquor-N-Heat. The LUKE Woodland Hills location is situated at 22616 Ventura Boulevard.

The Six Chow House was established in 2013, born out of “The Society of Six,” an influential community of six artists in Northern California during the 1920s prohibition era who enjoyed creating art with their homemade meals, brews and wines at their cabin known as “The Chow House.” Today, classic cast-iron skillets and rustic wood planks are often used to serve The Six Chow House’s locally-sourced fare, its streamlined menu emphasizing the concept of “six” – guests can choose from six exciting starters, six savory entrees, six red wines, six white wines, six brews on tap and six desserts. Served every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm, the eatery’s brunch menu includes bottomless mimosas, crafted the old-fashioned way with fresh-squeezed orange juice and champagne, in addition to a plethora of delicious dishes. The Six Chow House’s Woodland Hills location is situated at 23536 Calabasas Road in Calabasas.

In the world of cocktails, mimosas are kind of like those black jeans hiding out in the back of your closet – in other words, a familiar, easy and dependable, if predictable, wardrobe staple. If you’re new to this refreshing treat normally served alongside brunch menus, any of the aforementioned restaurants will introduce you to the mimosa in the most invigorating way possible.