Shaping Up and Flying Right in Woodland Hills:
Bird Fest Returns to The Santa Monica Mountains on November 4

Have you ever been up close and personal with a beautiful California Condor? Now you’ll have that rare opportunity when an exciting family activity near Woodland Hills rolls into town to make its fourth annual appearance on Saturday, November 4. Bird Fest of The Santa Monica Mountains will be taking place from 9 AM to 2:30 PM, and this year a very special guest is scheduled to make an appearance – Dolly, a gorgeous California Condor from The Los Angeles Zoo, will be in attendance, and guests will be able to get to know this majestic animal boasting the largest wingspan of any bird in North America in a way few have experienced.

The awe-inspiring and highly educational family activity near Woodland Hills will also include guided bird walks, activities for the kids, booths, food and presentations from local bird experts, with the day kicking off with guided bird walks from 9 to 11 AM and then going on to include an “Invite Wild Birds Into Your Garden with Nesting Boxes” symposium at 9 AM, an “Is It Possible to be Both a Birder and a Bird Photographer?” event at 10 AM, the premiere “Meet Dolly, the California Condor” extravaganza from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, “The Bigger Picture: The Message of Audubon California” symposium at 11 AM, a live bird presentation by Nature of Wildworks at 11 AM/12 PM/1 PM, a “Restoration of Seabird Habitat on the Channel Islands” discussion at 12 PM and the “Snowy Plovers – Malibu Birds Join in the Recovery” event at 1 PM.

Presenters at Bird Fest 2017 include Scott Logan, Wild Wings Backyard Bird Store, Randy Ehler, The National Audubon Society, Debbie Sears, The L.A. Zoo, Natasha Khanna, Audubon California SoCal Chapter, Mollie Hogan, Nature of Wildworks, Annie Little, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Lucien Plauzoles and The Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society.

Co-sponsored by The Western National Parks Association, The National Park Service, Conejo Valley Audubon Society, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society and The Santa Monica Bay Audubon SocietyBird Fest will be free to attend with complimentary parking, and will be located at The Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitor Center at 26876 Mullholland Highway in Calabasas.


Perhaps equally as fascinating as Bird Fest itself, The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA)is the largest urban national park in the United States, encompassing more than 150,000 acres of breathtaking mountains and coastline terrain in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. As a division of The National Park Service, the SMMNRA comprises a seamless network of local, state and federal parks interwoven amidst private lands and communities; additionally, it’s one of only five Mediterranean-esque ecosystems in the world, preserving the rich biological diversity of more than 450 animal species and 26 distinct plant communities. More information regarding SMMNRA can be obtained by visiting

Additional information about this bird-loving family activity near Woodland Hills is available by calling (805) 370-2302 or emailing