Learning to Sensually Bare That Navel:

Belly Dance Classes in Woodland Hills

The term “belly dance” is actually a translation of the French term “danse du ventre,” which was applied to dance in the Victorian era, thought to originally refer to the Ouled Nail dancers of Algeria, whose dance used more abdominal movements than the dances described today as “belly dancing.” The art has evolved to encompass a Middle Eastern dance – originally a solo, improvised technique involving torso articulation – and takes on many different forms, depending on the country and region, both in costuming and dance style. New dances have emerged in the West, as its popularity has spread globally.

As one of the geographic locations within Western culture that belly dancing has become all the rage, Los Angeles has seen its fair share of classes and studios pop up that are dedicated to teaching this intricate yet sexy style – and if there’s anything L.A. knows, it’s sexy. Even in Woodland Hills, belly dancing courses are plentiful, but finding just the right one for your particular needs is the underlying key. Looking to seduce your significant other with an evening of sensual torso gyrating? Need to lose some pounds but don’t believe in working out on a treadmill? Want to learn some serious hip-and-waist-twisting moves to wow your guests at your upcoming wedding? The following are our selections for some of the best belly dance classes in Woodland Hills.

With locations in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as well as Woodland Hills, California, Rouhi Dance Studio  has become one of the most renowned dance studios in Los Angeles, a place where patrons are invited to come shimmer, shimmy and sweat as they get in shape and have fun in high-energy and creative dance classes. All belly dancing classes and Persian dancing classes are instructed by Rouhi Savoji, discerning instructor and dancer from Tehran, Iran, often referred to as “a mistress of the art of belly dancing” – indeed, with a technique and attention-to-detail that’s flawless, Rouhi teaches each of her students how to stretch and move in ways they never imagined.

Shanti Bellydance is lorded over by the one and only Shanti, a Los Angeles-based belly dance performer and instructor who performs and teaches Tribal Fusion belly dance, with a specialization in American Tribal Style. She offers both improvisational and choreographed dancing, enjoying the different creative processes that encompass them, having studied Western dance and yoga for many years before concentrating on belly dancing. Shanti understands the body’s movements from the inside out – crucial in the belly dancing arts – and currently performs as a soloist in the general Los Angeles area, collaborating with fellow dancers all along the West Coast.

Layla Dance Academy is headed by Laya, a Los Angeles native of Middle Eastern descent who hails from a long legacy of dancers. As a Russian-trained gymnast and former ballerina, her body seemed to be toned and ready for belly dancing from the onset – and over the past 20 years, she has focused her career on the art and skills of this ancient dance. Layla went on to create her own dance company, the Lotus Dancers, a group that won Best Troupe Cabaret in 2008 at Ya Halla Y’All, Belly Dancers of the Universe Troupe in 2012 and the Troupe Championship at Mediterranean Delight in Greece in 2014. As one of the top professional dance companies in L.A. that perform weekly, Layla’s Lotus Dancers have traveled the world performing in countries including Dubai, Paris and Egypt; today, the Layla Dance Academy is the first-ever studio to offer classes specifically for children with special needs through its Dance From Your Heart program, while offering a wide range of classes catering to all ages – from toddlers to adults.

Anisa’s School of Dance specializes in authentic belly dancing classes taught by award-winning instructors, as well as Louis Van Amstel’s La Blast cardio ballroom classes, offering Zumba, jazzercise, modern dance, ballet, tap, TapArobics, jazz with the amazing Doug Rivera and other fantastic courses for adults and children. Experience the exotic and beautiful art form of belly dance and learn traditional village and city styles of the Middle East and North Africa from award-winning instructor/performer/choreographer Anisa…named “Best Belly Dance Instructor” by the New Times.

Are you ready to “shake what your momma gave you”? Try these belly dance classes in Woodland Hills, guaranteed to unleash your inner rump-shaker!