Flywheel has taken Woodland Hills as the new craze in the world of indoor cycling. The 45 minute, high-energy classes include intervals, climbs and descents to deliver a full-body workout that will have you coming back for more. Each class at Flywheel also includes a challenging upper body workout using weighted bars. You can expect to burn between 500 and 800 calories. With a trial with a limited $99 deal for your first month, Flywheel is likely to become your next stop for all things exercise.

What Separates Flywheel?

Flywheel’s proprietary technology is what places them on an entirely different level from their current competitors. With the introduction of the “tech-pack”, your cycling experience will never be the same. The tech-pack is a small computer screen attached to each bike that allows for you to view and effortlessly adjust your work effort throughout the ride. This technology gives you complete control over your resistance (Torq), the amount of energy exerted in the given moment (Current), and the faster you pedal the better the workout. These numbers are displayed on your tech-pack alongside the “Power Score”. Power Score is what Flywheel refers to as “your total energy exerted during the class” and is an excellent way to work towards future goal-setting. If participants want, they can opt into being placed on the “TorqBoard”. This is where Flywheel displays your Power Score on wide screens at the front of the stadium. The TorqBoard enables you to view your performance in direct comparison to other riders who also opt in to engage in friendly competition.

“The TorqBoard is super motivating – you compete against yourself, and if you want, against the group.” – Kenny G. (Yelp)

In addition to the in-stadium technology, the in-studio tech is also authentic. With access to either or their FREE Flywheel Sports iOS app, users can immediately view their Power Score, calories burned, distance traveled, and more after every session. Flywheel stores all of your previous data, making this new technology a useful way to track your progress from class to class.

In addition to the technology, Flywheel is known for their renowned instructors that bring each class to life with their empowering personalities and powerful playlists. The instructors carefully craft their own high energy playlists to create a motivating environment that will push riders past limits. Due to the instructors’ complete control over their class, different instructors create different ambiances at Flywheel. Trying out multiple instructors is recommended by Flywheel to find the best instructor that fits your workout style.

Our Experience

The Woodland Hills Magazine team stopped by to try out Flywheel for ourselves and let us tell you, just one visit will have you coming back for more. After walking through the location our team was blown away by the facilities. The studio features Flywheel’s signature stadium seating which guarantees every rider an unobstructed view of the instructor and TorqBoard. In addition to the stadium, the studio itself was extremely clean, the showers were well stocked, there are plenty of lockers, and many other amenities available.


The staff was extremely welcoming and friendly from the beginning. Most first timers can feel intimidated by the unfamiliarity of a new routine, but the Flywheel staff at Woodland Hills focused on providing a comfortable transition to this new environment. Before the class began we were each handed complimentary cycling shoes and towel. We were then taken into the stadium to be individually set-up on our bikes by the Flywheel staff. Elizabeth, our instructor, gave the class an explanation of the high-tech equipment, including the tech-pack and TorqBoard.

Once our class was ready to begin, Elizabeth hopped on her bike and began her playlist. It was evident from the beginning that this was not going to be your everyday cycling class. Elizabeth’s fun personality kept the class engaged and working hard. Throughout our session Elizabeth placed a strong emphasis on enjoying ourselves. She would call out recommended RPM and Torq ranges to push ourselves, but always reiterated the suggestive nature of those numbers; the metrics allowed us to always know where we were supposed to be in the ride – they kept us accountable. By the end of our 45 minute class, the energy coming from not only Elizabeth, but other participants in the class was astonishing.

Our time inside the stadium was unforgettable. The dimly-lit amphitheater allowed for the perfect atmosphere to mentally escape; we felt transported, challenged and ultimately elated. Our time at Flywheel was much more than a cycling class, it was an experience.

Why Woodland Hills?

Having been in their Woodland Hills location only since this February, the community-like feel at Flywheel is very evident. Customers were greeted by their first names when they entered the door (as well as by their individual tech-packs), and there was an overarching sense of inclusivity inside this new location. Our instructor took time getting to know each of the new participants in her class, and also welcomed back the regulars. Many riders even hung around after the session to stay and chat with the staff. On top of the tight community, Flywheel’s convenient location at the new Westfield property: The Village at Topanga promises state-of-the-art facilities paired with one of a kind atmosphere.  They are located on the second floor, adjacent to the parking structure and accessible via either Village escalator.

Flywheel’s new technology and wonderful staff alongside their emphasis on enjoying your ride is a total game changer in the world of cycling.