With many family-appropriate activities in the Woodland Hills area to enjoy, the community is once again in a position to welcome a new neighborhood locale. City efforts to develop Fire Station 84 into an exciting, new community park has recently gotten underway. The 1950’s fire station that has been vacant since 2007, is being turned into a themed community park, which will be an exciting addition to the community. The park, when complete, will boast a play area, picnic tables and even Wi-Fi.

Woodland Hills News
Residents of Woodland Hills are outgoing, enjoy outdoor recreation and have grown from a farming community into the bustling, fun area we know today. Park amenities will allow visitors to play, spend time with their families, stay healthy and enjoy some well earned relaxation mid-day or over the weekends. Community members have been anxiously waiting for approval to allow the fire station to progress into the community park, and now are able to see it actually happen. When the station was built, over fifty years ago, it was constructed to originally house a total of 4 firefighters. Now that the fire station is completely beyond its capacity, unable to successfully pull of a renovation due to size restrictions and unable to meet the continuing growth of the community in its role as a fire station, this fantastic project has now been fast tracked to give back to the community in another way.
Project Benefits
Residents of Woodland Hills are active and appreciate the opportunity provided to turn the station into a themed community park for many reasons. Woodland Hills News reiterates how the project was specifically designed to replace the single-story fire station in order to provide the area with additional park and recreation space. Moreover, residents of Woodland Park are taking full advantage of participating in the park project and becoming part of the process through community outreach. Woodland Hills News reported somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 local residents coming together to arrive at the project around a year ago.
Park Location
The park will be located at the address of Fire Station 84, on the corner of Canoga Avenue and Costanso Street in Woodland Hills. At a quarter of an acre, the property will adequately be enjoyed by children and older folks alike.When iconic areas are able to be successfully developed and transformed into something that will keep a community close-knit and socializing outdoors, it is particularly special for those who’ve lived in the area and get to witness the changes. Taking something ineffective and updating it to a functional, public area is not always obvious, but when it comes together it’s something to reflect proudly upon for years to come.