Bringing Home A New Best Friend

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Los Angelinos are a picky bunch when it comes to their pet stores. Putting aside all the garden variety “Paris Hilton types” – who pull up to groomers, adoption clinics and pet supply stores in their convertible Bentleys, decked out in exquisitely expensive dresses and heels and holding their four-legged friends sporting rhinestone-covered collars – there are plenty of “regular everyday” residents of the Southern California community who seek out grain-free kibble, unscented paw wipes and natural-fiber chew toys. Still, most L.A. folk demand the best from a pet pampering experience, right down to adoption centers, and we’ve collected some of the most highly-rated boutique-esque venues for pet adoptions in Woodland Hills.

Our editors have searched the neighborhood for the best places to scoop up a lovable, furry charge…so without further ado, here are our picks…


AGWC (Ady Gil World Conservation) was founded by Ady Gil in 2010, his journey beginning with the adoption of a turkey named “Shalom” upon first opening his eyes to the dismal and unnecessary suffering of America’s factory farm animals. After he sold his two companies, American Hi Definition, Inc. and Sweetwater Digital, to NEP, Ady took the proceeds and created AGWC to pursue his passion: the love of animals. Today, the AGWC boldly represents a rescue mission to adopt out all manners of critters, from lovable cats and dogs to monkeys and seemingly everything in-between. Additionally, the foundation is involved with pelican rescues, whale protection, dolphin safety and even the protection of vultures in certain parts of the world.

The Pet Adoption Fund is one of the largest non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organizations in Southern California. Staffed primarily by volunteers, the Fund exists solely on donations, its mission to rescue, shelter and find loving permanent homes for the many wondrous yet previously abandoned, neglected or abused companion animals. On average, the facility houses about 175 canines and 75 felines of all sizes, ages and breeds, and since its inception in 1983, the Pet Adoption Fund has cared for, rehabilitated and found responsible and happy homes for thousands of pets that have come through its doors.


West Valley Animal Shelter promotes and protects the health, safety and welfare of animals – and people – by sharing a decree that envisions a day when every pet born sees a good home and is cared for all its life…and that no person is ever endangered by an animal. The Shelter began life in 1947, when it was known as the Los Angeles Animal Services Department, formed by ordinance and run under the control of a Board of Commissioners, with five members appointed by the Mayor and by the City Council of L.A. Today, the West Valley Animal Shelter is under the umbrella of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, offering a wide range of plans to fulfill its aforementioned mission of promoting and protecting the safety, health and welfare of animals – and people – in the city of Los Angeles.

The cleverly-named Pooch Heaven  is formally known as The Animal Advocacy and Relief Foundation, a registered non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of stray dogs. The Foundation was founded by a dedicated group of individuals who, at their own expense, had been searching the streets of L.A. for stray dogs and unwanted pets for several years. This loose network of dog rescuers came together under the umbrella of The Animal Advocacy and Relief Foundation, which was made possible by the generous donations of several benefactors who have shown continued support of its mission – both in time and money. From adopting one of the sweet animals waiting for a home to donations, fostering, volunteering and sponsoring, there are a myriad of ways you can do your good deed for the day at Pooch Heaven.


Ready to take in a furry new friend and give him or her a caring, loving family experience? Pet adoptions in Woodland Hills are made all that more rewarding through the locations we’ve outlined above.