A Cool and Refreshing Treat…Hawaiian Style:
Where to Find Sweet Shaved Ice in Woodland Hills

Shaved ice in Woodland Hills is a cool and refreshing treat that traces its traditional roots to the sun-drenched islands of Hawaii, dating back to the sugar plantation days in the Aloha State’s rich history. Thousands of Japanese immigrants flocked to Hawaii to work on the plantations, and with them they brought a frozen delicacy that is now referred to as “shaved ice;” outside of the islands, it is customary to add an “ed” to the name, which is the more common pronunciation in the other 48 American states.

This article will introduce you to our favorite authentic shaved ice shops in Woodland Hills, all of which offer the best quality, flavor choices and genuine summer experience we’re all looking for as we head into the true dog days of the season.

The Italian Ice Shoppe serves Italian ices made in-house with real fruit and juices in addition to gelato, gelato floats and an assortment of beverages, snacks and retro candies. From tons of fresh homemade ices in the classic “accordion”-style cups to the myriad of delicious flavors including a unique Lemon/Blood Orange fusion, The Italian Ice Shoppe has fulfilled many Woodland Hills residents’ fantasies of what a true Italian ices spot should be. Perfect for a hot summer day, these treats are decadent and will have you returning for more.

No’Elani’s Pure Drinking Water Store and More offers purified and alkaline water, Hawaiian shaved ice, purified ice, bottles, crocks and more, with the shaved ice available with a plethora of sweet, delicious syrups. Pick your favorite – watermelon, cherry, grape or mix three for a real special experience. You can even add sweet condensed milk to the top of your ice concoction, adding to the velvety, soft texture of the shaved ice…think of gentle snow in a cup, allowing the syrup to be absorbed that much better. If this doesn’t enhance your summertime experience tremendously, it’s time to get those taste buds looked at!

Yogurt Delite was established in 1985 and has been family-owned for 20 years, serving frozen yogurt, shaved ice, boba drinks and the best cold desserts in town. The store has been at its Shoup and Ventura location since its inception, boasting the accolade of being one of the oldest yogurt shops in the L.A. area – irrespective of the explosion of recently-opened stores in the immediate vicinity. Here, great treats like shaved ice are offered with a full-service experience in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Shave It is a specialty shop in Woodland Hills which concocts all its own flavors, using only real cane sugar (no HFC) in its syrups. All 29 of Shave It’s ice flavors are served daily as sugar-free options, and return customers often refer to the experience of tasting one of this shop’s treats as being akin to “scooping up a handful of soft and fluffy freshly-fallen snow, letting it melt in your mouth…only drenched in your favorite flavor.” From refreshing basics like pink lemonade to exotic passion fruit, all the high-quality syrups made by Shave It are sourced from ingredients flown in from around the world. The shop also offers fat-free flavors of shaved ice.

Brian’s Shave Ice & Boba offers authentic Hawaiian shaved ice served in flower cups, with flavors directly imported from Oahu. The shop also serves Dole Whip, a pineapple soft-serve treat previously only available atDisneyland and the Dole Plantation. Choose from a plethora of delicious, refreshing flavors including banana, boysenberry, blue bubblegum, blue Hawaii, blue raspberry, blue vanilla, cherry, cherry cola, coconut, cotton candy, guava and many more. Brian’s even lets you select fillings for your shaved ice, including the aforementioned Dole Whip plus adzuki beans, mochi balls and vanilla, macadamia nut, mint chocolate chip, kona coffee, green tea and flavor-of-the-month ice cream. Nothing is off limits at Brian’s Shave Ice & Boba when the craving for something cool and rejuvenating strikes!

This ice-based dessert, made by shaving a block of ice to resemble a snow cone, has become all the rage in not only the United States but Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia…but when it comes to sweet shaved ice in Woodland Hills, California, no one does it better than the aforementioned shops.