Trendy Escape Rooms in Woodland Hills

Escape rooms appear to be the newest trend worldwide, bringing a higher-quality experience to game enthusiasts everywhere. The mind and ability to collaborate with others is challenged in these venues in an interactive, team-building environment where good times and good memories are had by all participants. As a physical adventure game, an escape room challenges players to use elements of a locked room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit; the games are physical manifestations of “escape the room” video games, set in a variety of fictional locations such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations.

If you’re ready for some serious team-building exercises, look no further than the following trendy escape rooms in Woodland Hills!

Amazing Escape Room strives to be the most entertaining and talked-about escape room experience in the U.S, providing guests and players with a wondrous foray into creative room concepts, service-friendly pampering, compelling and innovative location design and customer-centric ownership approaches. At Amazing Escape Room, parties of up to 10 to 12 work in tandem to uncover clues, solve problems and crack codes in order to evolve as a team – you and your fellow “escape mates” are given 60 minutes to escape the room, with each room boasting a storyline that you’ll be introduced to upon entering, along with basic instructions on what you’ll need to uncover to escape. The California Amazing Escape Room location is situated at 16933 Parthenia Street Suite 100 in Northridge.

Enchanted Escape Room is a great venue for team-building, date nights or an evening out with the whole family. Here, players must use their wits and teamwork to find clues and decipher a series of puzzles in order to escape from the room and complete a mission. As a player, you have one hour to find all the clues and solve the series of puzzles that will lead to your escape, with the “game master” providing hints after 20 minutes of start time if required. Two rooms unique to the Enchanted Escape Room experience await: Spellbound, in which a powerful wizard has cast a death curse on everyone in your village, forcing you to find one spell to unlock the doors (and another to counter the curse), and Flamethrower, in which you are part of a secret task force agency (TFA) that specializes in fighting terrorism; now under attack, you must arm up and escape from headquarters before time runs out. Enchanted Escape Room is located at 8300 Tampa Avenue in Northridge.

Mobile Escape Room L.A. is a unique experience in that the escape room phenomenon comes to you – choose from two distinct, deluxe packages: The Sleep Study Room (five players max) and Mr. MacGuffins Cocktail Room (seven players max). For residents located further than 10 miles from Sherman Oaks, there is a 54 cent-per-mile charge for the service. For more information about Mobile Escape Room L.A., visit or email

Maze Rooms Los Angeles offers real escape games and a new wave in the future of entertainment. Players have a great opportunity to wind up their brains as they solve puzzles, find clues and use tips to advance, with available rooms including Pirate Bay (try to escape a mysterious smuggler’s haven), Lunar Mission (try to escape the lunar station that’s in disrepair…and survive doing so), VR Cosmos Game, Castle (a treasure-hunting adventure), Jungle Game, Portal (a mysterious room where anything can happen), Secret Mission (enter the secret safe house of an elusive Soviet spy), Demon Hunter (attempt to vanquish evil everywhere), Prison (a life-in-prison scenario), FBI (get a phone call in the middle of the night from an FBI agent) and Motel (you awaken in a strange motel room with no memory of getting there). A host of additional games, scenarios and rooms are on Maze Rooms Los Angeles’ “coming soon” list, while a number of locations throughout Los Angeles make finding a convenient Maze Rooms venue easy; around Woodland Hills, there’s a location at 14429 Ventura Boulevard and at 19347 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana.

It’s no “puzzle” why escape rooms are becoming so trendy in the U.S. – after years of popularity in Asia and Western Europe, the U.S. West Coast is seeing escape rooms pop up as they appeal to those who seek video game-esque adventures in a real-life scenario experience. If this is the kind of shake-up you’re looking for in your entertainment, you can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned Woodland Hills escape room venues.