Exploring the Art of Self-Preservation:
Some of the Top Studios Offering Self Defense Classes in Woodland Hills

It’s no surprise that in this day and age, given what’s going on cross the world this last year, that there has been a spike in self defense curriculum attendance as of late. To put that into more layman’s terms, a significant amount of people have been signing up to attend martial arts and self defense programs in an attempt to protect themselves and the ones they love from possible harm.

In Los Angeles, the situation has been no different, and with many Los Angelinos heading to the confines of karate, marital arts and self defense studios all throughout the state, Woodland Hills Magazine took this opportunity to round up some of the top venues offering self defense classes in Woodland Hills.

Team Mixed Martial Arts, located at 21406 Ventura Boulevard, teaches kids and adults of all ages a variety of mixed martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Grappling, Weightlifting, Aerobics and Body Shaping. According to Team MMA representatives, the studio’s martial arts and fitness center helps attendees build confidence, get in shape, learn personal protection skills and have fun in a friendly setting bursting with an energetic atmosphere. Classes are held six days a week and are available in the morning, afternoon or evening.

As part of LYFE Fitness Complex, the number-one fitness facility in L.A., Krav Maga Unyted at 6036 Variel Avenue is a different kind of physical instruction venue, where it’s all about living with confidence and building a healthy body through strength, skill, ability and agility. Krav Maga is considered the most effective self defense and hand-to-hand combat system in the world, used by military and law enforcement on the front lines and now being customized so the average citizen can use it to get their mind and body in the best shape ever. The Krav Maga Unyted Woodland Hills location provides three levels of Krav Maga Self Defense classes in Woodland Hills based on a technique and skills-based belt system that ranges from white (beginner) belts, yellow, orange and green (intermediate) belts through blue, brown and black (advanced) belts.

Situated at 20929 Ventura Boulevard #26, American Kenpo Jiu Jitsu has been known as “the complete art of self defense,” offering martial arts classes for kids, families, women and men alike, all designed to teach not only self defense mechanisms but respect, self-discipline, confidence and more. According to American Kenpo reps, with just two hours every week, a child’s ability to concentrate, respect and “say no” to unhealthy peer pressure will increase, while specialized classes for women allow attendees to enjoy a full life, develop a take-charge attitude and focus their determination to succeed.

The Academy, located at 22935 Ventura Boulevard Suite 231, offers well-disciplined, high-quality professional classes taught by highly-qualified instructors that, through their guidance, yield self-confidence, respect and self-awareness for children, young adults and adults alike. Owner Sensei Trever Sherman is serious and demanding, yet works extremely well with children by asking for their best and helping them achieve it; while other Dojo instruction academies attempt to “dumb down” the classes for kids to the point they begin to feel like daycare, The Academy keeps each child disciplined and serious, setting challenging yet achievable goals for them.

Team Karate Centers, with a Woodland Hills location at 21038-A Victory Boulevard, is all about fun, safe and awesome martial arts for kids, empowering martial arts for adults and even fostering a “Little Ninjas Karate” program for the little ones. For 33 years, the martial arts discipline training chain has been coaching martial arts to people of all ages as a tool for learning to become a more proactive, complete and empowered human being. In so doing, its instructors teach a brand of self defense that transcends the block, kick, punch and throw to include the skills of kindness, empathy, community and compassion.

Indeed, there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world…and that is an idea whose time has come. From self-discipline and the ability to stay calm under pressure to the appreciation of teachers, parents and other mentors, self defense continues to represent a concept that pushes the boundaries of keeping not only the body fit…but the mind and spirit, as well. Of all the self defense classes in Woodland Hills, the aforementioned selection of academies represents the pinnacle of what’s possible when looking for self defense classes in Woodland Hills.