Working the Kinks Out:
Top  Massage Places in Woodland Hills

The practice of using touch as a healing method is derived from techniques and customs entrenched in ancient history. From both the East and the West, civilizations came to the realization that massage and natural healing could relieve pain, aid injuries and prevent (and sometimes cure) illnesses – further, the approach was found to help reduce stress and yield deep relaxation. What once began as a highly coveted system of natural healing evolved due to cultural shifts, which rendered it a disreputable form of indulgence throughout history. Massage has endured these turns and experienced resurgence in modern times – today, the art of massage therapy stands as a highly-respected holistic healing method practiced across the world.

Modern-day massage therapists in Woodland Hills practice a multitude of techniques originating from these aforementioned ancient methods, and it is from these roots that they remain inspired by a goal cultivated centuries ago: To help others heal their physical and emotional well-being and experience an enhanced quality of life. Below, we round up some top picks among the best massage places in Woodland Hills.

Located in the heart of Woodland Hills at 20300 Ventura Boulevard Suite 110, Take Care – A Therapeutic Massage Studio is committed to providing compassionate, intuitive and professional licensed therapeutic bodywork treatments. The business offers these personalized treatments in a warm and relaxing environment where the customer’s comfort is their primary concern, with Take Care’s experienced staff boasting a passion for their craft to remain sincere about helping others through touch therapy. Among the myriad of services Take Careoffers are the Swedish Ultimate Relaxation Massage, Custom Combination Massage and a unique pregnancy approach that addresses the back, neck and shoulders for moms-to-be.

The Spa Loft, located at 5441 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, takes professional and personal care of all its clients, believing the path to well-being begins with the treatment of mind, body and spirit in a relaxing and nurturing environment. The Spa Loft technicians take pride in advancing their expertise to keep all clients looking and feeling their very best through such services as holistic skin, body and healing treatments that are both effective and detoxifying. Whether it’s a visit for a waxing, facial, massage or acupuncture treatment, The Spa Loft values every client and always looks forward to serving each and every one.

Salathai Spa, located at 19934 ½ Ventura Boulevard, remains passionately committed to providing an environment in which clients feel soothed by the relaxing atmosphere and nurtured by the highly-skilled team of therapists. The business offers an experience that rejuvenates and revitalizes the body and mind, inspired by its own namesake – in Thailand, “Salathai” refers to a pavilion used as a meeting place to protect people from the sun and rain and a respite to relax and take comfort. Perhaps its Salathai Spa’s moniker that explains it the best:“Come in Tired and Stressed…Leave Revitalized and Refreshed.”

Destiny Chiropractic & Thai Massage, located at 21408 Ventura Boulevard, offers specific, appropriate chiropractic care and professional Thai massage in a friendly, clean atmosphere. Known for its affordability,Destiny offers a $40 one-hour massage that hits all pressure points, rubs out all knots and provides a superior stretch, all available in a soft, medium or hard massage fashion. Among the many massage places in Woodland Hills and with available late-night appointments, free parking, acceptance of all credit cards and a “10th massage free” punch card, Destiny Chiropractic & Thai Massage is often called the best Thai massage in the Woodland Hills area.

Massage is the most transformational and among the oldest of the healing arts, with references to its values going back to the beginnings of recorded history. The aforementioned massage places in Woodland Hills provide to their valued customers the most widely-recognized benefits of massage including release of emotional and physical tension, reduction or elimination of back pain, decrease in chronic pain, improved sleep, increased energy and greater flexibility.