Bringing the Dawn:

The Top Late Night Spots in Woodland Hills 

It’s yet another energy-infused weekend in L.A.: Exotic sports cars piloted by movie star-esque types and accompanied by scantily-clad, drop-dead-gorgeous blondes zoom to and fro on the city’s many freeways, while major thoroughfares like Sunset and Ventura Boulevards pulsate with a youthful electricity fueled by nightspots, modern twists on the classic bar concept and tourists looking to explore some of the after-dark locales of the city. Indeed, Los Angeles isn’t without its fair share of late night attractions depending on the type of “entertainment” desired; the challenge is finding some truly good ones amidst a sometimes overwhelming swarm of choices.When the blazing Southern California sun dips below the horizon and day turns into night, the almost surreal shadows cast by Woodland Hills’ beautiful palm trees hint at another world ready to come to life and play…but exactly where to “eat, drink and be local” – as is the saying of one of the venues in the following roundup – when the dawn teases this culturally-rich community can sometimes be in question depending on the hour and/or neighborhood.

Behold…Woodland Hills Magazine has put together a roundup of the top late night spots in this southwestern slice of the bustling San Fernando Valley, so there’s sure to be a selection here to meet any after-dark enthusiast’s requirements.

The Local Peasant, situated at 22901 Ventura Boulevard, has found its way onto Woodland Hills Magazine’s roundups before, and it’s no secret why the appealing watering hole has once again: This is a pub-esque venue created for the neighborhood, providing chef-driven comfort food prepared daily with locally-sourced ingredients, while local craft beer, craft cocktails made from scratch by expert bartenders and local wines satisfy the most demanding cocktail palates. With décor that boasts open and friendly characteristics with an exposed structure, oversized chalkboards that create a warm and clean vibe and an upscale restaurant/pub feel, The Local Peasant’s bar is always open until 1:30 am and its kitchen serves patrons on Friday and Saturday until midnight.

Dirty Bull Tavern, located at 21797 Ventura Boulevard, is redefining the after-dark culture of Woodland Hills with live DJ entertainment from the likes of DJ Frost and DJ Seven Six, spinning an eclectic mix of new and old-school Hip-Hop, top hits, the newest mixes and “mashups.” Throngs of patrons routinely flock to this energetic after hours spot – often called a “five-star dive bar” – for its more than 40 beers on tap, a full bar, diverse crowd to mingle with and plenty of free parking. In catering to a mainly young, hip demographic, Dirty Bull is open from 2 pm to 2 am.

The Rack, conveniently located at 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard #2150 at The Westfield Promenade, is often referred to as “one of the most unique dining and entertainment venues in the San Fernando Valley,” featuring great music, a sports bar, 31 large-screen HDTV screens, 11 elegantly-carved pool tables, large temperature-controlled outdoor patio with a fire bar and live nightly entertainment. Further, with craft beer selections, fabulous wine choices, the best single malt scotches in the Valley, outstanding tequilas, martinis and 26 beers on draft, The Rack has become the “dream bar” of many a Woodland Hills after-hours enthusiast.

Paoli’s Pizzeria & Piano Bar, at 21020 Ventura Boulevard, caters to those West Coasters who hanker for Italian restaurants in their East Coast iterations, such as those found in New York and Chicago, and as such offers a range of gooey, cheesy pizzas that transport patrons to these legendary cities. But Paoli’s is so much more than food, making a name for itself on the late night circuit with crowds that flock to participate in live karaoke seven nights a week, along with a full bar and aforementioned deep dish-style pizzas and Italian specialties. As the hotspot of the west San Fernando Valley for the last 25 years, Paoli’s originally started as one of the few piano bars to open in Los Angeles in the 1980s – and remains one of the last to this day. The restaurant and entertainment spot has always featured live entertainment based around its baby grand piano, and continues today with live piano music during dinner hours from 6 pm to 8:30 pm and karaoke from 9 pm to 1:30 am seven days a week.

JJ Sullivan’s Irish Pub, located at 22917 Ventura Boulevard, is open from 2 pm to 2 am and offers Happy Hour specials from 2 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday and from 2 pm to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. This Irish pub-esque venue, unique among California watering holes, specializes in cold beers, an extensive selection of whiskeys and good old Irish “craic.” Established in September of 2012 to serve the Woodland Hills and West Valley communities, JJ Sullivan’s makes everyone feel welcome and remains one of this community’s go-to after-dark locales.

Whether it’s hardcore drinking with a group of friends or more of a laid-back experience sipping on a favorite beverage while watching karaoke crooners, there’s something for everyone once the sun goes down in Woodland Hills.