Dancing Your Heels Off Never Felt So Good:
Top Ballroom Dance Studios in Woodland Hills

From the wildly popular Dancing with the Stars to weddings that are completely bucking the traditional couple’s first dance, the Ballroom style has seen a resurgence like perhaps no other form of this art – whether it be Disco, “Breaking,” Swing or even Country and Western. Why has this style of dance endured so? As a set of partner dances enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world, the Ballroom form boasts enthralling performance and entertainment aspects, which is a major reason it is widely celebrated on stage, in film and on television.

The term “Ballroom Dancing” is derived from the word bali, which in turn originates from the Latin ballare, meaning “to dance.” In the past, Ballroom Dancing was a social indulgence for the privileged, while folk dancing was popular among the lower classes; these boundaries, however, have since become blurred and the Ballroom genre now encompasses a plethora of moves, culturally-inspired costumes and class-defying variations that have made shows such as the aforementioned Dancing with the Stars so rabidly enticing.

In Los Angeles, looking for the best Ballroom dance studios so you and your partner can learn those svelte, sexy moves to wow everyone at your upcoming wedding isn’t always easy. There are a lot of choices out there, but we’re going to help break through the noise with this “Top Ballroom Dance Studios in Woodland Hills” roundup.

Karina Smirnoff Dance Studio, located at 21718 Ventura Boulevard, is the consummate kick-off choice for our roundup, being that it is the brainchild of the uber-successful – and overtly gorgeous and sexy – Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars fame and who also boasts two runner-up titles, a semifinal title and several quarterfinal titles. The cozy and intimate studio offers an array of dances that customers can study including advanced Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Latin, Hip-Hop and even Burlesque, with Karina herself teaching the sizzling Latin class that gets participants pumped up to do those naughty-esque moves with their partner.

Perhaps one of the most recognized names in the dance sector, Arthur Murray Dance Center, at 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, offers dance instruction programs regardless of participants’ current skill or talent level. With certified instructors and training methods that have been refined and proven over the last 100-plus years, Arthur Murray seems to know what it takes to make a learning experience enjoyable and productive. Ballroom classes at this state-of-the-art studio teach not only continuity and grace but the discovery of one’s special style, what it takes to compete and understanding subtleties of costumes, choreography, coordinated movement and instant adjustments.

The Celebration Ballroom, temporarily located at 9709 Lurline Avenue in Chatsworth, is all about providing “good, clean, healthy dance fun” for every client that walks through its doors. Already boasting an amazing, energetic “dance family” of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes that are learning how to dance and have fun together every week in its classes, The Celebration Ballroom is headed by studio director Wiley Hicks Simpson, who has assembled a staff of teachers dedicated to a common goal of making dance dreams come true. A plethora of classes are available at The Celebration Ballroom, including Beginner’s Ballroom & Latin, Ballroom & Latin Level 2, Social Dances for L.A. Nightlife, Beginner’s/Intermediate Ballroom Level 3 and Intermediate Level 1 West Coast Swing.

Sitting on the sidelines gets old at company parties, house parties, birthdays, class reunions and in the clubs…especially on the Ballroom circuit. Let’s fix that and get you on the floor having fun with the rest of your friends and colleagues!