Imagine a place where you can enjoy a great meal, watch the latest blockbuster, take in some community culture, and do your grocery shopping all in one visit. It would be the type of place that that allows you to roam freely while still being connected with others around you. It is a place that is a destination rather than simply something to do. Perhaps even you can enjoy a weekend vacation without ever leaving your own back yard? This is all quite possible at The Village in Woodland Hills.

Close to All
Located in the center of the action that is Warner Center, The Village will be located between the Westfield Topanga and Westfield Promenade to create one large mixed-use area for shopping, entertainment, and dining. It will be an open air plaza project that presents a community concept to the area. With park-like landscaping and open-air walkways, people will find The Village as a destination rather than simply someplace to shop.

Hassle Free
Westfield believes in creating a positive experience for those coming to enjoy The Village. This includes addressing traffic and parking issues. Several studies have been done on surrounding areas. These studies have monitored the flow of traffic and taking a look at the needs of the area. This allows our project engineers to create a natural flow that includes The Village into the landscape rather than be a burden to it.

More than a Mall
There will be nearly 100 shops with several major chains featured but The Village is more than just a shopping mall. There will also be a multi-story office complex for non-shopping establishments to set up business. There are also plans for a 275 room boutique hotel that will cater to business travelers and locals who are looking for a short getaway that isn’t too far from home. The Costco that is located in Canoga Park will be relocating to The Village to be the first anchor store in the project. There are also talks with another grocery store chain to occupy another anchor within The Village.

Promoting Culture
Community and culture are an important component to The Village project. Aside from the open-air design and water fountains which promote personal and community growth and interaction, a museum component of the project is also being introduced. A community center within The Village will also promote civic activities for the old and the young to enjoy. This kind of interconnection is part of concept of the project.

Creating Jobs
The grand scale of the project itself will employ thousands with 3,046 construction union jobs just in the development alone. Once the project is complete, it is anticipated that 4,454 people be directly or indirectly employed as a result of the continued annual operation of the project. This includes a vast range of jobs ranging from food servers to professionals.

The Village in Woodland Hills by Westfield is an aggressive project that will prove to be a central destination for all to enjoy. The face of the modern mall has changed and other projects like this have only proven to be a successful alternative to the old standby. The project promotes more than just shopping and gives the people of the community a place to not only shop but to enjoy themselves.