Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci:

The Very Best Art Classes in Woodland Hills

The development of art training has been implemented by internationally-recognized artists and theoreticians to offer a roster of distinguished grounding courses, not only in the principal art traditions but in the visual language of contemporary studio practice. By providing students with a broad exposure to the arts, art teachers encourage new fields of investigation, pushing their pupils to develop and refine their approaches to the making and doing of art. Without any reservation, the intent of a good art instructor is to provide the framework – through both coursework and independent study – to assist each student in the development of his or her own body of work.

If you’ve been looking to take a chance on adult-oriented art classes in Woodland Hills, there are a number of venues that can help you achieve your goals and unleash your inner Da Vinci. Some of Woodland Hills Magazine’s favorites are as follows:

Close-up of artist hands with paintbrush and palette mixing wate

Art Departure, located at 19932 Ventura Boulevard, was established in 2012 as a business that fosters and supports the arts in Woodland Hills. As an artist and teacher for over 20 years, owner Jaye W. uses art mediums to teach creativity to people of many ages and abilities, while also fostering artists in the Valley by displaying and selling their work in the Art Departure Gallery. Though Jaye recently taught in a nearby Charter school as the Art Specialist for grades K through seven – wherein she focused on creative problem-solving through art materials as a means to build student self-esteem and art skills – she is most proud of one of her new projects called the Art Party for adults and children, which celebrates creativity in a fun atmosphere.

Morgan Kari Fine Art Instruction  is headed by Morgan Kari, award-winning fine artist and instructor who teaches, from her Woodland Hills studio, oil painting, watercolor, graphite pencil work, figure drawing, acrylic painting, soft pastel techniques, colored pencil techniques, charcoal drawing, botanical illustration and much more. Small classes of four at Morgan’s studio are $60 for three hours, and private classes at her studio are $120 for three hours. Custom classes at clients’ homes run $120 for three hours with an additional travel fee of $25 and a $10 per-hour fee for each additional student. Morgan is also available for speaking engagements, demonstrations, group workshops and painting commissions.

Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes , located at 21761 Ventura Boulevard Lower Level, goes the extra mile in art instruction with a relaxed atmosphere, background music and organization of environment and methods that produce budding artists of all ages. Students progress through sketching, pastels, watercolors and oil painting, while constantly being guided by the caring, talented staff. Week in and week out, students of Mission gain new insights and strategies while thriving on the individualized attention.

Hand of male artist drawing young woman on paper

Art matters because it illustrates the human experience – the wonder of it, the bewildering nature surrounding it, the whimsical way it sweeps us to different places and times…and so much more. Take a stab at your artistic side by attending any of these art classes in Woodland Hills, and be prepared to explore a part of yourself perhaps never before challenged.