As a form of bakers’ confectionery, the pastry as we know it encompasses the various kinds of baked products made from ingredients including eggs, baking powder, shortening, butter, milk, sugar and flour. Into this category also falls other sweet baked products such as small tarts, pies, quiches and pasties, but at the end of the day, what is most important about these tantalizing morsels is that they satisfy our veritable sweet tooth. Whether it’s a slice of homemade apple pie absolutely bursting with that buttery silkiness that defines all premium flaky crusts, or Danish pastry and croissants folded ever so delicately to form its many thin, mouthwatering layers, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee accompanied by the perfect after-dinner pastry.

Finding an actual pastry shop that knows how to craft these Artisan flamboyances with precision is another challenge altogether – far too often, bakeries claiming to be the “be all, end all” of pastry creations are nothing of the sort. Beyond overpriced menus and substandard taste quality with regard to their baked goods, these shops seemingly don’t employ the kind of passionate, inspired pastry chefs that make all the difference when indulging in this art form. Taking one bite of a superbly-made pie, cookie or puff pastry can tell any dessert aficionado everything there is to know about the kind of love that went into baking it.

Allow us to introduce you to some of Woodland Hills’ most revered pastry shops where skill, passion and an unbridled sense of perfection is injected into every piece of pastry they sell…or, as we call it, The Ultimate Guide to Pastries in Woodland Hills.

Comfortably nestled at 21600 Ventura Boulevard, The Baker Bakery & Café serves breakfast and lunch as well as a delicious selection of Artisan breads, hand-crafted and baked daily using only organic ingredients. The café offers a dozen distinct variations, from the popular French Baguette to its sweet and savory Walnut Raisin, while also boasting an eye-opening selection of custom cakes, pastries and sweets.

Pastries by Edie, situated at 21608 on bustling Sherman Way in Canoga Park, is a charming, nee-legendary bakery serving sweets including tarts, tiramisu and cakes in addition to a range of coffees. Over the years, throngs of loyal patrons have cited Pastries by Edie’s mini raspberry and dark chocolate cake, éclairs, fruit tarts, tres leches cake, chocolate mini mousse cake and white chocolate cake as among their absolute favorites.

The memorably-named No Udder Desserts Inc., located at 20839 Ventura Boulevard, is a 100-percent vegan bakery dedicated to creating delicious, non-dairy and animal-friendly concoctions. Dubbed “a healthy alternative to the udder,” the café offers a bevy of cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes and other vegan treats and can craft cakes for weddings, birthdays or any special occasion.

Blinkie’s Donuts, located at 4884 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, has been named one of the top seven best donut shops in L.A. by the L.A. Daily News…and for good reason. Here, a cornucopia of flavors await even the most hardcore of donut buffs, what with scrumptious creations made on premises by hand daily in old fashioned/buttermilk, cakes/devil’s food and raised donuts styles. Additionally, a plethora of fancy roll selections are available including cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, cinnamon twists, blueberry rolls and raspberry butterflies. What makes Blinkie’s stand out in the “pastries in Woodland Hills” category is the fact that the bakery doesn’t believe in selling day-old donuts – once the staff sells out, they sell out.

Family owned and operated for a quarter of a century now, Doan’s Bakery, at 22526 Ventura Boulevard, has been baking for restaurants, coffee houses and caterers with no end in sight. Owner Karen and her son Eric concoct exciting creations that have been satisfying desires for special treats and desserts using a baking experience that redefines “customer dedication.” More than merely a cupcake or cheesecake depot, Doan’s Bakery offers an awe-inspiring selection of cakes and cookies, cupcakes and cobblers, cheesecakes and pies, brownies and breads and even wedding cakes.

If you’re one of those people who salivate for something sweet after dinner – and you have much company on that front! – sticking to a small, sweet snack can be tricky…after all, we’re constantly being told about our waistlines, weight and sugar intake. But if you have been looking for that perfect little Woodland Hills spot to satisfy the sweet tooth within, even it’s just for a taste of the good life, you can’t go wrong with any of the pastry restaurants and cafes we’ve suggested here.