Calling all Bookworms:

The Top Five Book Stores in Woodland Hills

It is difficult to believe that, in this day and age of mobile devices and get-everything-in-a-second living, the concept of a book store still endures. After all, even if a millennial wishes to read an honest-to-goodness novel or other such publication, all he or she has to do is load up an “e-reader” device like Kindle and the latest Harry Potter or Hunger Games entry is immediately at their fingertips…with no need to exert effort in turning pages. Still, while many staples such as Barnes and Nobles have closed their doors in multiple cities, quite a number of charming, local book stores continue to soldier on, catering to a demographic raised on a steady diet of “physical mediums” – whether it be DVDs, CDs or good old fashioned books.Interesting enough, Woodland Hills is an area of Southern California replete with such little book store gems, and finding one can open up a treasure trove of unique, sometimes rare finds. Whether you’re a collector, hardcore comic aficionado or a casual reading fan searching for that out-of-print hardcover copy of a random title like Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror, there’s something for everyone in the following “Top Five Book Stores in Woodland Hills” roundup.


The aptly named Next Chapter Books, located at 21616 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, boasts an inventory of thousands of used books, in both paperback and hardcover, ranging from the latest releases to rare and collectible titles. Stop in and browse nearly limitless genres, with special emphasis on U.S. military history, biographies – presidential, entertainment and general varieties – aviation and space, while also taking note of the massive selection of science fiction and fantasy books. Next Chapter has become known to locals as a place to find reasonably priced, quality used books in a friendly, “down home” atmosphere.
Crown Books, at 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Erwin Street, boasts an overtly helpful staff that helps browsers find the exact book they’re looking for. This charming little book shop has become recognized for its selection of children’s titles and classics, with a plethora of half-priced liquidation books that make for a value-laden experience.
With the explosive popularity of comic book film adaptations over the past few years, it’s no surprise that stores like Speros’ Heroes at 9045 Eton Avenue Unit C in Canoga Park have garnered an in-demand reputation as of late. This family-operated comic book outlet boasts an extensive inventory of all genres and characters– fromMarvel, DC and everything in-between – and is run by comic fans with an exceptional love for the industry. Sperosbuys and sells comics on smaller, more individual levels as well as on larger, more mass scales, assisting collectors while catering to the wholesale sector.

In a similar fashion, Flip Side Comics at 19950 Ventura Boulevard, offers “go-to” comic titles as well as rarities such as first-edition G.I. Joes. The management running the shop are not only friendly but also possess an almost rabid love for the comic collecting hobby, assisting first-time visitors and return customers alike with navigatingFlip Side’s almost overwhelming stock in bins, on the walls and in aisles.

If you’re a fan of classic science fiction and detective paperbacks from the “pulp days,” David Kaye Books & Memorabilia at 22745 Ventura Boulevard may be your kind of book store. In addition to a thriving Internet business, David Kaye operates its retail location with a keen focus on rare books, film posters, celebrity autographs and other unique entertainment memorabilia, specializing in catalog titles from genres including cinema, television, music, theatre and modern crime and detective fiction.

While it’s true that the concepts once known as the “public library” and “book store” are not what they once were, it is truly amazing to discover there still exists an enduring legion of smaller, more locally-focused shops catering to those who refuse to abandon the sheer charm of paper page-based books.

When it comes to book stores in Woodland Hills, you can’t go wrong with any of the locales in this roundup.