Sweet Dreams:

The Most Delectable Candy Shops in Woodland Hills

Is there anything that defines the romantic Valentine’s Day experience more than flowers and candy? Nearly since the inception of this annual tradition, gentlemen have been presenting their significant other – whether from the classic days of showing up for “dates” wearing suits, ties and hats or in more modern tee-shirt-and-jeans times – with boxfuls of decadent chocolates and bouquets of beautiful floral arrangements. Though some still question the ultimate point behind the gesture, it has always made the ladies in our lives feel special and wanted, whether younger or older, and this trend doesn’t seem to be in any danger of disappearing…even as we enter technologically-advanced 2016.

We’ve assembled some of the most celebrated candy shops in Woodland Hills for this next roundup, which are guaranteed to offer not only a great selection but which also hearken back to a time of innocence, delight and butterflies-in-the-stomach-inducing excitement we all (as gentlemen, that is) felt before picking up our dates for a romantic interlude.

When one thinks of chocolate, one of the names that immediately spring to mind is “Godiva.” In Woodland Hills, Godiva Chocolatier at 6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Canoga Park brings all of the chocolate giant’s fantasy treats to vivid life, with impeccable service that is as sweet as the sugary morsels they sell. For years, a plethora of Woodland Hills residents have been coming here for all their gift-giving needs, and recently this Godiva location has become known for its decadent ice cream creations and milkshakes. From chocolate-covered strawberries to beautifully-packaged exotic-esque truffles such as Butterscotch Walnut Brownie, Cookie Dough and Birthday Cake, there’s nothing you won’t be able to find for your sweetheart at Godiva Chocolatier.

With locations throughout the U.S., Lolli and Pops’ Woodland Hills store at 6600 Topanga Canyon Boulevard #1086 in Canoga Park offers unique sweets from all around the world, including chocolate from Madagascar, sour belts from Spain and sodas from Japan – all sourced from famed producers and local artisans and changing daily with batch size and availability. Collections from Lolli and Pops include the Signature Bars, classic chocolate bars in a dizzying array of flavors; Topp’d Bars, adding copious amounts of toppings such as almond and sea salt and pretzels; Chocolate Boxes, such as Sea Salt Caramels, Fancy Caramels and Truffle Boxes and new offerings like the 14-ounce Candy Cane Toffee Tin.

Located in Topanga Canyon, Love Bites Chocolate – not associated with Def Leppard’s classic, “Love Bites” – is the brainchild of lifetime Topanga local Michele Capra, and offers a formidable selection of deluxe gift boxes, organic and gluten-free chocolates and unique, quasi-exotic morsels. Some customer favorites from this charming little shop include the Golden Temple, which is a dark chocolate temple-shaped treat with a turmeric-cashew and white chocolate tip; the Lavender Lover, which is a dark chocolate dome with a burst of Lavender essence and the Spicy Mays, which are comprised of an enticing blend of fresh ground chipotle pepper, ancho chili, cinnamon and vanilla. If you can’t find something for your sweetie here, you probably never will.

Pastries by Edie, located at 21608 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, has often been called “the candy shop that can give your eyes diabetes,” what with its nearly overwhelming selection of sweet delights. What makes Pastries by Edie a unique standout in our roundup is that its main selling point isn’t little chunks of chocolate delight – here, it’s mainly about the cakes, from Raspberry Chocolate Cake to the shop’s nee-legendary eclairs. Rows and rows of beautifully-crafted small pastries beckon from behind the display counter, while Red Velvet Cake and classically-prepared cannolis seem to call out to be taken home for that special someone who appreciates fine baking. No matter who you’re shopping for, Pastries by Edie never disappoints.

It’s often said that diamonds and jewels are the way to a woman’s heart…but don’t be so quick to count out some of her favorite Valentine’s Day chocolates and sweets. Hand her a box of treats from any of the candy shops in Woodland Hills that we showcased in this roundup, and be prepared to see her eyes light up like never before.