A Sexy Night Out…L.A. Style

Some of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Woodland Hills

Remember that new dress your sweetie recently picked up that you haven’t been able to get out of your mind since you first laid eyes on it? Yes, that one…the sexy, backless, above-the-knee little number that she looked oh-so-fetching in. Well, what good is it if she can’t wear it during a romantic night out with her favorite guy? With Valentine’s Day slowly approaching, now is as good a time as ever for us to begin looking at some of the most seductively romantic restaurants in Woodland Hills – and whether you define a romantic night out as some flirtatious conversation over a tantalizing bottle of fine wine or a delectable meal enjoyed just by the two of you, the Woodland Hills community has a way of bringing such romance-endowed fantasies to vivid life by way of a myriad of eateries and lounges.

The perfect location for nearly any occasion, Brandywine at 22757 Ventura Boulevard is a most unassuming restaurant nestled amidst the buildings of bustling Ventura, often called a diamond in the rough by the folks fortunate enough to stumble upon it – in fact, some fans of Brandywine say one can easily pass it by if not aware of the “exquisite goings-on” within. Once inside, patrons are treated to a private home-like setting where the restaurant’s owners’ skill in both the dining room and kitchen surpass many of the finest eateries in the world. Adding to the romantic-dinner-for-two charm is the fact that Brandywine only offers nine or so tables in an environment totally dedicated to intimate dining, and when it’s time to order, the menu arrives handwritten on a blackboard balanced on an easel. How’s that for exclusivity?

Located at 22616 Ventura Boulevard, LUKE Bar and Restaurant has become a Woodland Hills staple where quality food and handcrafted beverages meet excellent guest service to make patrons feel right at home. LUKE procures the finest and freshest local and regional products to create dishes that are unique, flavorful and made with the utmost care and attention to detail; combined with its comfortable and refined décor, neighborhood-sourced friendly staff and delectable cuisine, the restaurant provides a “stylized experience” of exceptional value. If it’s romantic charm you’re after, look no further than LUKE’s beautifully-decorated dining room.

Inn of the Seventh Ray, located at 128 Old Topanga Canyon Road in Topanga, is a truly unique experience and a sight to behold. Often referred to as L.A.’s most romantic restaurant, the Inn comes across more like a professionally-catered wedding venue than a dining establishment, what with its “under-the-stars” canopy tables, dramatically-illuminated space and creekside dining at the cradle of the Santa Monica Mountains and Topanga Creek. Dining at Inn of the Seventh Ray has been described as an enchanting experience, where patrons looking for something truly special can dine unhurried while partaking in “angelic vibrations.”

Villa, located on one of Woodland Hills’ historic restaurant sites at 22160 Ventura Boulevard, was originally the home of Eckbergs Steak House of the 1960’s and 70’s, which was actually a home converted to a 10-table restaurant on Ventura just off the Shoup exit. Now, as visually reimagined by top interior designer Thomas Schoos, Villa has returned to its “home”-themed aesthetic with careful attention to detail paid to create a warm and inviting space. And it’s this space that romantic getaway seekers have been coming to Villa in droves for since its reimagining; from ultra-warm, lush and inviting dining areas to private event quarters that could rival the most lavish of catering halls, Villa is quite the formidable entry on our romantic restaurants roster.

Adagio Ristorante, located at 22841 Ventura Boulevard, brings classic Italian romanticism to the Woodland Hills area for a truly memorable night out. Fabulous food served in a family-owned restaurant is what Adagio is all about, and whether it’s made-to-order Caesar Salad, fresh calamari, Linguini Bolognese or Veal Osobuco, you and your sweetheart will remember the amazing experience you had here long after you pay the check and leave. Upscale décor, glamorous patrons and a classy overall vibe complete the package at one of Woodland Hills’ most recognized Italian eateries.

When it comes to serving up scratch-made Italian-American delicacies inspired by traditional recipes, no one does it like Maggiano’s Little Italy. Boasting a centralized Woodland Hills location at 6100 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Maggiano’s brings the best of the Little Italy neighborhood to you, building an impeccable reputation as one of America’s best Italian-American restaurants since the chain’s inception in 1991. But if you’re looking for a different kind of experience with your significant other on a date or romantic night, this is where you’ll find it, as Maggiano’s traditional dishes are served family-esque style. That means you and your lovely will be sharing laughs, sweet nothings and more over copious amounts of homestyle Italian cuisine.

If your honey has been looking for an excuse to slip on that eye-catching, low-cut new dress (not to mention those sexy sky-high stilettos you love so much), rest assured knowing that wait is over. Making a reservation at any of the romantic restaurants in Woodland Hills that we outlined above will bring a smile to both your faces…and perhaps inject some of the Valentine’s Day magic back into the relationship.