Enjoying the Spice of Life:
Some of the Best Thai Restaurants in Woodland Hills

Thai food is internationally famous, and whether it’s chili-hot or comparatively bland, harmony is the guiding principle behind each dish. Essentially and as originally conceived, Thai cuisine was a marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences combined harmoniously into “something uniquely Thai” – today, the characteristics of Thai food are largely dependent on the individual preparing it, for whom it is cooked, for what occasion and where it is cooked. What’s more, a harmony of tastes and textures within individual dishes – and the entire meal – must make their presence known.

By now, any true Southern Californian consumes Thai food as part of their regular diet at any of the dozens of Thai restaurants in the “OC” and the hundreds in Southern California. Dining experiences in Los Angeles – specifically the Woodland Hills area – have been enriched by the recent addition of several Thai restaurants, serving a cuisine that resembles the Chinese, Indonesian and the Indian but makes its own clear statement that there are more flavors in heaven and on Earth than have yet been put together. Here are our picks for some of the best Thai restaurants in Woodland Hills:

Buri Tara, located at 20929 Ventura Boulevard #33, is the home of authentic and delicious Thai food that includes Orange Chicken, Crunchy Veggie Rolls, Garden Wraps, Chicken Larb and Filet Mignon Skewers, in addition to genuine beverages like Thai Iced Tea. Among the restaurant’s most popular dishes are Pad Thai, Pad See You, Yellow Curry, Thai Dumplings and Satay, which is made with grilled marinated tenderloin chicken and served on a skewer. Buri Tara is open and delivers seven days a week.

Red Ginger, located at 22984 Ventura Boulevard, was established in 2009 and offers something for everyone through two distinct types of cuisine – an extensive Thai menu delivers an array of mouthwatering dishes while a Japanese menu caters to those looking for something a little different. The restaurant sits at a new location on bustling Ventura Boulevard, representing the perfect locale at which it can serve its Papaya Salads, Tom Kah Gai, Cashew Chicken, Drunken Noodle, Kaiso Salads, Double Tuna Rolls, Red Lady Rolls, Tiger Rolls, Jalapeno Rollsand Cucumber Special Rolls.

From Pra Ram Salad and Tom Yum Soup to Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, Pink Elephant at 22039 Sherman Way in Canoga Park serves the full spectrum of Thai delights that will satisfy the most finicky of taste buds. Some of the dishes Pink Elephant fans return to for time and time again include the Pad Ga Pow Gai Sup, a spicy basil with ground chicken masterpiece served with a sunny-side egg over rice; Chicken Drunken Noodle; Tom Kha Soup; Tempura Shrimp; Cucumber Salad and even Coconut Ice Cream to finish it all off.

Thai Blvd Bistro, located at 20935 Vanowen Street in Canoga Park, is another great San Fernando Valley Thai spot that serves authentic cuisine, beginning with its often talked-about Softshell Crab that’s cooked perfectly every time with a house special spicy sauce, and going up to include the Spicy Basil Chicken over rice with fried egg, Priking Chicken and Thai Tea Boba to wash everything down. From a cozy and intimate atmosphere to dishes that explode with authentic flavor, Thai Blvd Bistro remains a go-to spot for Los Angelinos who know a thing or two about Thai food.

Thai Chaba, located at 23305 Mulholland Drive Suite D, draws both locals and visitors like a moth to the flame and has become renowned for its unique takes on Pad Thai Chicken, Panang Chicken Curry, Crab Fried Rice, Thai BBQ Chicken, Pad Woon Sen with Chicken, Chicken Larb, Spicy Beef Salad and other Thai treasures. Walk through the restaurant’s doors and you will be immediately smitten with its comfortable, down-to-Earth atmospherics that represent the perfect harmonious synergy between bleeding-edge-trendy and casually sophisticated. With a plethora of Thai restaurants to choose from in Woodland Hills, Thai Chaba offers a unique – and quite tasty – alternative to more run-of-the-mill takeout joints.

Los Angeles is home to the largest Thai population outside the borders of the motherland, so it’s not surprising that this teeming metropolis – especially in a section dubbed “Thai Town” – boasts a lion’s share of the tasty and the authentic. From Boat Noodles and Khao Soi to Chinese-influenced Drunkard’s Noodles, some of the best Thai restaurants in Woodland Hills serve it all.