Better Living Through Sushi:
Some of the Best Sushi in Woodland Hills

The origin of sushi is believed to have been birthed as far back as the second century A.D. in Southeast Asia, due to the necessity to keep meat fresh without refrigeration. Societies of this time period would cure meat and fish to wrap it in rice in order to preserve its freshness, leaving it to ferment for several months. If the meat and fish were treated in this fashion, the foods could be preserved for several months longer than if they were cured by themselves. Eventually, after enough time had passed, people would discard the rice and eat the cured treats waiting within.

In the past 20 years, sushi has been recognized as a healthy dining alternative, with sushi restaurants flourishing in the United States. Items like the California Roll, made with cucumber instead of fish, were introduced to Westerners who were somewhat uncertain about the idea of sushi; indeed, thanks to mass production and globalization, sushi is a common meal in many parts of the world…and Woodland Hills, California is no different.

Here are the spots serving what we feel is some of the best sushi in Woodland Hills:

Sushi Ichiban Kan, located at 19723 Ventura Boulevard, the heart of the boulevard. Serving a “creative California” variation of the sushi concept, Sushi Ichiban Kan offers generous portions of dishes made with fresh ingredients, all of which are presented in a creative and beautiful way. Often called a “gem of a find” amongst the San Fernando Valley’s sushi scene, Sushi Ichiban Kan is known for its Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice and Spicy Tuna Jalapeno.

Brothers Sushi, situated at 21418 Ventura Boulevard, beckons Valley sushi enthusiasts with exceptional menu items such as the Japanese Ceviche, Poki Salad and Kerry Roll with slices of salmon, in addition to offering such staples as Tuna, Salmon, Albacore and Ankimo (monkfish liver). With service often referred to as “on point” with “friendly and attentive” staff and a comfortable, open atmosphere, Brothers Sushi offers fresh fish that’s of top-grade quality, the restaurant’s chef creations focused on the fish itself and well-balanced flavors. Indeed, avid sushi enthusiasts seeking some of the best sushi in Woodland Hills won’t be disappointed here.

Blending classic techniques with adventurous Pacific Rim flavors, culinary pioneer Roy Yamaguchi created an entirely new approach to fine dining when he opened the first Roy’s Restaurant in Honolulu in 1988. The Woodland Hills location, situated at 6363 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, follows in this tradition by continuing to foster warm hospitality and passion for innovative and creative cuisine. Indulge in one of Roy’s spectacular cocktails or choose a glass of wine from the restaurant’s award-winning list while you discover the fresh ingredients and outstanding seafood expertly prepared by Roy’s local chefs…all of which has made this classy spot famous.

Akari Sushi, located at 19948 Ventura Boulevard, has “planted its flag” amongst the best sushi bars in Woodland Hills what with its cozy atmospherics, ultra-fresh sushi and super-convenient location on bustling Ventura Boulevard. Some customer favorites on Akari’s menu continue to consist of the Akari Special Cut Roll, Magic Tunaand Backed Mussels, all of which exude an impressive freshness that is absolutely demanded by Akari’s owner and sushi chef Rudi.

Also situated amidst the hustle and bustle of Ventura Boulevard, Little Brother Sushi at 22140 Ventura serves incredible sushi, rolls and Nigiri and is often referred to as “a little gem of a sushi place” on one of L.A.’s most famed roadways. It is perhaps Little Brother Sushi’s intimate atmosphere that ultimately defines its charm – the venue boasts only six or seven small tables, contributing to its cozy, neighborhood vibe. Here, the fish is always fresh, the specials are always amazing and the prices always reasonable for a sushi restaurant that will have you telling all your friends about it.

From Maki and Nigiri to Sashimi and Chirashi, there are as many variations on the sushi concept as there are exotic ingredients that comprise these tasty morsels. In the foodie-centric Woodland Hills community, any of the aforementioned sushi spots will definitely prove that in a most vivid, tastebud-pleasing fashion.