Marine Masters:
Some of the Best Saltwater Aquarium Shops in Woodland Hills

When one thinks about a beautiful, mega-gallon saltwater fish tank, immediately images of dazzlingly-colored species swimming gracefully within the nooks and crannies of gorgeous rock-encrusted crevices spring to mind. And while most casual observers of such gorgeous aquariums – whether they’re commercial kinds, like in major parks such as Sea World, or in glamorous seafood restaurants – don’t think about what really goes into the care and maintenance of these beauties, setting up a saltwater tank isn’t nearly the same as starting and running a tropical fish community or fancy goldfish collection. An almost overwhelming amount of product, delicate chemical balance and continuous monitoring and maintenance is just the tip of the iceberg for successfully keeping exotic saltwater marine fish.

Indeed, saltwater aquarium enthusiasts are a picky bunch, demanding only the best for their aquatic friends that they’ve invested so much time, money and energy into. As such, they’re always looking for the very best supply outlets to help keep their tanks in tip-top and pristine shape, and for saltwater fish aficionados in Woodland Hills, it’s no different. The following are some of the best saltwater aquarium shops in Woodland Hills, compiled by our expert editorial staff…a few of which just happen to be aquarium fanatics themselves.

Aquarium City has been serving the Canoga Park community since 1967, offering one of the best sources of freshwater and saltwater fish, reptiles, tanks, filters, coral and other supplies. Conveniently situated in the demographically and culturally-rich San Fernando Valley, the shop boasts a mammoth inventory in a sprawling 3,750 square-foot showroom, its enormous selection of marine creatures, corals, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, live rock and live sand taking center stage everywhere customers look. Aquarium City also sells a wide variety of premium food, chemicals and test kits, equipment and accessories, the majority of which fall under the “pumps and filters” category. From industry favorite brands like AquaClear by Hagen and Aqueon to well-respected names such as Tetra Pond, this Woodland Hills aquarium depot has it all.

Coral Supply is a premier full-service aquarium company servicing Southern California as a leader in the industry, regularly providing excellence in design, craftsmanship and the most up-to-date life support technology for aquariums. If the project demands expertise of saltwater reef tanks – even those purposed for commercially-sized aquatic environments – Coral Supply boasts the knowledge, experience, dedication and resources to ensure a system is professionally designed, installed and maintained with an almost unheard-of meticulous attention-to-detail. What’s more, the business offers problem-solving consultations, troubleshooting services, system and water analysis, upgrades, repairs, moving/relocation assistance – vital in the fishkeeping hobby – and aquarium maintenance programs. Perhaps most intriguing of all of Coral Supply’s offerings is that they take the extra care of quarantining any livestock for three weeks before introducing them into customers’ systems…a step severely and unfortunately overlooked at most “mass-market” pet store chains.

Blue Ocean Aquariums specializes in saltwater aquarium design, installation and maintenance at affordable pricing, also offering “dream tank” building services, enabling the shop to stand head and shoulders above most garden variety pet stores. From excellent service that has saltwater enthusiasts returning time after time to a friendly and un-hostile atmosphere, Blue Ocean Aquariums is one business that truly stands out in our Best Saltwater Aquarium Shops in Woodland Hills roundup.

Vivid Aquariums is lorded over by folks who are passionate about reef aquariums and aquarium design, with a warehouse for saltwater fish, corals, live rock and supplies that needs to be seen in person to be believed. Established in 2003, Vivid Aquariums began with its founder, who was addicted to the reef aquarium hobby, working with tanks out of his garage where he shipped coral, fish and supplies to hobbyists all over the U.S. Eventually taking over his home, the love of these tanks turned into a promising career and business…a business which now dominates the Canoga Park aquarium supply shop market and that exudes a passion for reef aquariums and the latest technologies in reef-keeping and aqua-culturing.

Exotic Life Fish & Reptiles has been serving the entire San Fernando Valley since 1987 and has quickly become the premier L.A. location for all pet, reptile and fish needs. As trusted suppliers and top-quality product vendors, Exotic Life offers coral and reef supplies, water treatments and conditioners, aquarium salts, carbon, fish medication, heaters and aquarium test kits, in addition to essential hardware such as canister filters, overhang (Hang-on-the-Back/HOB) filters, LED lighting, T5 HO lights, aquarium gravel and even food. First-time customers of Exotic Life Fish & Reptiles receive 10-percent off livestock when mentioning the business’ website (some exclusions may apply).

In days past, the act of considering a saltwater aquarium came along with the myriad of horror stories about them; representatives of groups such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would have fish enthusiasts believe that keeping ornamental fish in an aquarium is an unspeakable thing to do. And while PETA’s hearts are definitely in the right place, technological advancements in fishkeeping have all but eliminated dangers to these precious, beautiful marine creatures what with powerful filtration systems, updated knowledge about water changes and modern maintenance techniques. You can rest assured knowing any of the saltwater aquarium shops we’ve highlighted here will point you in the right direction when it comes to a healthy, thriving aquatic setup.