Some of the Best Modern American Restaurants in Woodland Hills

What exactly is the definition of “modern American cuisine”? Some say it’s a reflection of the way we’re living in “the golden years of American cooking,” referring to the trend in which cultures and cuisines are, seemingly, not changing in the same ways, perhaps because they didn’t need to do so. Interestingly, say some culinary experts, despite the strength of their traditional attitudes and practices, they’re being pressured by the cuisinary influences that Americans are leaving behind. Others believe American cuisine defines itself through its honed ability to take other cuisines and incorporate them into a larger body of dishes that eventually become more “American” than anything else; the “modern” moniker, in this perspective, refers to a re-imagining and return to classic approaches and values, fused with new technologies and concepts.

Regardless of the technical specifications suggested by professional restauranteurs and renowned food critics, American dining remains a popular sector in Woodland Hills’ burgeoning restaurant circuit, and we’ve compiled some of our favorite modern American eateries in this most American California neighborhood.

Breeze: An American Grill, located inside the Warner Center Marriott Woodland Hills at 21860 Oxnard Street, is a modern American restaurant in Woodland Hills that combines a beautiful atmosphere with a hands-on, attentive and extremely courteous service experience which yields, by far, one of the best-kept secrets in the whole San Fernando Valley. With a menu that offers something for everybody – from Rib Eye Steak and Filet Mignon to classic Meatloaf and even pastas and fish – Breeze is about as American as it gets. There’s even a breakfast brunch served on Sundays with a made-to-order egg station and to-die-for waffles.

The Rainbow Roll from JOEY

JOEY Woodland Hills, located at 6344 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, offers a modern American dining experience with locally and globally-inspired handcrafted menu items. JOEY president and CEO Jeff Fuller comes from a rich pedigree in the “casual premium” sector of restaurants, and as such knew what went into crafting bold flavors, signature recipes and memorable experiences for every guest. JOEY Woodland Hills’ dining room is vibrant and polished, but without a trace of pretension – at this most modern American restaurant in Woodland Hills, the credo is simple: “Get it right the first time.”

Pan Fried Gyoza from JOEY

Does it get any more American than down-to-Earth barbecue? Lucille’s Smokehouse doesn’t think so, and they have put a modern twist on this most all-American of dining styles. Located at The Village at Westfield Topanga at 6220 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Lucille’s is the brainchild of Lucille Buchanan, who learned how to cook barbecue nice and slow, for hours on end, in the gentle smoke of hickory wood by her own grandmother. Today’s Lucille’s offers everything from appetizers and soups and salads to full-size barbecue plates and even sandwiches.

We have included LUKE Bar and Restaurant, located at 22616 Ventura Boulevard, in other Woodland Hills Magazine roundups before, but that’s because this has become a neighborhood staple where quality food and handcrafted beverages meet excellent guest service to make every patron feel at home. Proving to be an exception to other high-end dining establishments in Los Angeles’ West Valley, LUKE, along with its brilliant chef, Thomas Deville, has cultivated an innovative, inspired menu that boasts such unique modern American specialties as popcorn tossed in duck fat or truffle oil, Applewood-smoked baby ribs, artisan flatbreads and free range chicken with white wine risotto.

Bazille, a modern American restaurant in Woodland Hills located inside Nordstrom at 21725 Victory Boulevard in Canoga Park, allows every patron to take a coffee break, grab a bite or enjoy a gourmet meal within one of America’s most recognized retail destinations. Featuring organic and healthy ingredients, Nordstrom’s Bazille offers such delicacies as Prime Rib Dip, Crab Bisque, Croque Madame, bread pudding, Crème Brule and customer-favorite Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad, all presented with American-esque twists regardless of where some of the dishes originated. Many of Bazille’s return customers often say about the dining experience here, “If you didn’t know it was in Nordstrom, you would think you were in a high-end standalone restaurant.”

Indeed, Americans have access to a staggering diversity of food from around the world…a luxury that many don’t appreciate – but more importantly, American culinary experts understand what to do with them in a way that nobody else does. What makes American cuisine an actual cuisine is its disunity – American cuisine adapts, morphs, borrows, creates and roots itself where people enjoy it.