Whether it’s working on that deep, lustrous tan you’ve prepared for all winter or finally getting the chance to rock that curve-hugging and head-turning new bikini, we know you’ve been itching for the summer season to arrive in sunny Southern California. Indeed it has, with something of a vengeance, considering the above-average temperatures we’ve been experiencing in the Golden State. Trips to the beach, especially for Californians, can be enormously fun with the plethora of opportunities to make memories with friends and family, enjoy visceral relaxation, and take the recreational time we all need. However, if you’re not prepared, taking a “stab in the dark” when planning a beach day trip in Los Angeles can be a bit unrewarding – with so many choices of beaches along the coast. To ultimately avoid confusion and anxiety (and to ensure your next sand-and-surf experience is the best it can ever be), we’ve assembled suggestions for some local beaches near Woodland Hills for the ultimate day getaway.

El Matador State Beach  is referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Malibu, with charming sea caves and large rocks right on the sand. When it comes to day trips near Woodland Hills, El Matador State Beach beckons beach-goers on hot weekend afternoons with breathtaking views from the upper cliffs, which look down on large boulders and the deep blue Pacific Ocean water brimming with kelp forests. Bodybuilders and bodysurfers flock to El Matador year-round for its summer and winter swells, but be forewarned of the scattered rocks in the water. Getaways near Woodland Hills don’t get much more enthralling than this. El Matador State Beach sits nestled at 32215 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

Point Dume State Beach features headlands, cliffs, rocky coves and vast beach access, and is currently operated by Los Angeles County, which is also in charge of Zuma County Beach. These facilities are renowned for swimming, surfing, scuba diving and fishing, making all of them ideal for day trips near Woodland Hills. Point Dume adds a notable extra: It’s the perfect spot for watching California gray whales during the December-to-mid-April migration period. An incredible view encompassing the entire Santa Monica Bay, north Malibu coast, inland Santa Monica Mountains and distant Catalina Island can be enjoyed from the top on a clear day, while a stairway from the east side of the bluff-top preserve allows access to a more isolated beach and incredible tidepooling opportunities. Point Dume State Beach represents one of the best getaways near Woodland Hills and sits neatly tucked away at 7103 Westward Beach Road in Malibu.

Broad Beach, as yet another of the consummate getaways near Woodland Hills, is a great spot for a walk, being that it represents a quiet, isolated retreat compared to other “busier” beaches around L.A. As a hidden gem that’s serene and peaceful, Broad Beach’s access lies between houses and can be somewhat easy to miss. However, the gorgeous view you’ll more than likely fall immediately in love with makes up for any geographical challenges exuded by its location. Avoid the madness of other busy beaches in California on this private stretch of sand, with some of the most expensive real estate in Malibu in the background. Broad Beach sits on Broadbeach Road in Malibu.

Paradise Cove Beach  is more than just the perfect spot to catch glimpses of bikini-clad California beauties – who doesn’t want to be on a private (or semi-private) beach in Malibu? Between the attached café restaurant, tanning beds and a shoreline that charms with its Atlantis-esque rockiness, Paradise Cove Beach lives up to its name. Have a seat, “sea” the view and enjoy the myriad of sights at this much-acclaimed favorite for great day trips near Woodland Hills. The beach is located at 28128 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

Whether you prefer the infinite expanses of finely-textured golden sand or the sheer fun of people-watching before catching a swim in the majestic Pacific, there are California beaches where families bring kids to frolic in the sand and warm surf, and others where rip currents and underwater reefs make powerful waves only surfers can love. The aforementioned beaches near Woodland Hills offer something for everyone when a day trip during the summer is on the agenda.