Scrumptious Sandwich Eateries in Woodland Hills

Everyone has a favorite…the one that makes your stomach growl and gurgle while your salivary glands flow over like an abandoned river just looking at it on the plate in front of you. Maybe it’s a BLT stacked to the ceiling with sumptuous layers of perfectly sizzled bacon, or perhaps it’s a hot pastrami on rye doused with a bit of spicy mustard and a sour pickle on the side…indeed, everyone has their idea of what the best sandwich is, with some of us going straight to the good old-fashioned grilled cheese and others looking to the French Dip bursting with tender, juicy beef on a perfectly toasted French roll.

Americans consume close to 200 sandwiches per year on average, so chances are good that you have a favorite of your own. However you define the perfect sandwich – that is, whatever floats your boat – the standard components remain the same. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a sandwich is “an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal.” While this concept seems simple enough, the actual history of the sandwich reaches back further than the traditionally-recognized “Earl of Sandwich” of the late 1700’s.

With that primer, let’s take a bite out of some of Woodland Hills’ most scrumptious sandwich eateries…and unveil the ins and outs of their appeal.

Tomato Patch, located at 19730 Ventura Boulevard, specializes in mouth-watering meals and providing superb customer service. The restaurant’s sandwich selections read like a veritable “who’s who” of between-the-bread creations, including everything from tuna, ham, turkey and grilled chicken breast to an Italian salami, avocado and cheese, club and traditional BLT sandwich. Tomato Patch also offers an impressive choice of vegan items such as Quinoa, Lentil Soup and White Bean Soup, in addition to a bevy of salads.

Often referred to as “L.A.’s Number One Sub Shop” and “One of the Top 25 Cult Restaurants in the United States,” Dan’s Super Subs, located at 22446 Ventura Boulevard, serves award-winning party subs and sandwiches, all of which are loaded with high-quality meats, fresh vegetables and premium cheeses. The shop’s subs are presented on fresh-steamed Italian rolls made from scratch every morning by the recognized Agostino’s Italian Bakery, served extra-lean and thinly-sliced – whether it’s roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, ham or turkey. Further, Dan’s Super Subs uses deli meats cooked and smoked by the famous RUSSAK Meat Company in Los Angeles, and its special kosher pickles are flown in from Chicago. Does it get any more special than that?

Family owned and operated since April 2013, Cricca’s Italian Deli & Subs – a name that actually dates back to 1969 – is located at 4876 Topanga Canyon Boulevard and offers an almost overwhelming selection of cold subs, specialty subs, original “super submarines” such as the Chubby Favorite and Italian Stallion, hot subs including Chicken Parmigiana and meatball and hot special sandwiches like the Bellybuster and Italian Cheese Steak. Cricca’s also offers a plethora of Paninis, salads, hot sides such as meatballs and Italian sausage, homemade desserts and meat and cheese by the pound.

The Baker Bakery & Café, located at 21600 Ventura Boulevard, is a full-service café and bakery serving breakfast and lunch from 11 am to 3 pm. Among this Woodland Hills go-to eatery’s popular sandwich selections, as evidenced by the legions of return customers who regularly order them, are the Philly Cheese Steak, Club, Kot Let and Turkey and Brie. The Baker’s selection of Artisan breads are hand-crafted and baked daily using only organic ingredients, offered in a variety of variations such as French Baguette and Walnut Raisin. A plethora of custom cakes, pastries and sweets also tempt the palate at The Baker.

Art’s Subs, dubbed “Best Subs in the Valley” and located at 20855 Ventura Boulevard at the corner of Ventura and Desoto, has become famous for its hot-steamed eight-inch sandwich creations served on breads that are baked fresh daily. What makes Art’s Subs’ sandwiches different is the steaming process utilized by the restaurant for the hot sub items, ensuring customers are treated to steamed-to-perfection sandwiches made one at a time, right when they’re ordered. From the aforementioned freshly-baked breads to premium cuts of meat and the freshest of lettuce, tomato and other ingredients, fans of Art’s Subs say they can taste the quality and pride that goes into each creation.

Sometimes, the hankering for a loaded-to-the-hilt sandwich replete with your favorite meats, cheeses and vegetables becomes too overwhelming to resist…especially during a lunch break of a hard day at the office. Depending upon where you’re located, any one of these scrumptious sandwich eateries are sure to hit the spot and provide that much-needed reprieve from the daily grind.