Relaxing in Woodland Hills:
How to Keep Stress Low in the New Year

For whatever reason, 2016 isn’t jumping off the way many thought it would, according to reports from people and organizations across the globe. Whether it’s Britney Spears’ normally energetic and near-flawless Las Vegas stage show experiencing “mishap after mishap” since the start of the new year, or hordes of people across the world being downright terrified of random terrorist strikes – as well as an unusually high number of individuals reporting general “bad luck” in their personal lives – an aura of stress, frustration and anxiety seems to have been ushered in along with 2016. In doing our part to turn the tables on this unfortunate sense of unease, Woodland Hills Magazine would like to present this entry into our “sticking to your new year’s resolutions” series of articles which concentrates specifically on keeping your stress low in the new year.

Tip #1: Go Outdoors

Did you know there are a plethora of parks, trails and outdoor adventures awaiting to be discovered right in your Woodland Hills backyard? It’s true. Locales such as Serrania Park, situated at 20865 Wells Drive, is a fine example of a stress-reducing outdoor paradise complete with horseshoe-shaped grassy areas and plenty of room for canine friends and their owners to stretch their legs…whether it’s two legs or four. Perfect for a gentle stroll and taking families with young children, Woodland Hills’ Serrania Park is a beautiful spot just south of Ventura, with a moderate climb-embossed trail on the left side of the park that’s simple to follow and which boasts great views of the park below, Woodland Hills Country Club, Westchester County community and whole San Fernando Valley.

Tip #2: Enjoy Some Yoga

The all-wise Buddha once said, “A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” Never has this been truer than when witnessing the practice of yoga, one of the most popular self-rejuvenation methods to sweep the world. At locales such as Woodland Hills’ InnerPower Yoga, situated at 21928 Ventura Boulevard, methods such as Alignment Flow, Bhakti Flow, Conscious Movement, Deep Alignment, Dance Your Nature and Hour of Power are professionally practiced in awe-inspiring ways that enables a focus on healing, postural alignment, personal empowerment, deep inner peace and inspiration. While traditional yoga is practiced with the help of ancient Sanskrit Mantras, InnerPower Yoga’s unique new classes such as Bhakti Flow teach simple tools that allow the mind to experience stillness and one-pointed focus.

Tip #3: Laugh it Up

Though the concept is considered dead and buried amongst some socialite groups in major American metropolises, the truth is the comedy club has never been more alive. You just have to know where to find good ones…and in Woodland Hills, that place is The Backroom, located at 21601 Sherman Way in Canoga Park. Comfortably nestled near the intersection of Sherman Way and Remmet Avenue, The Backroom serves a full complement of cocktails amidst a cozy, inviting atmosphere that will leave you grinning from ear to ear long after the last hysterical comic has left the stage. Sometimes, we just all need a good laugh, and in the San Fernando Valley, there’s no better place than The Backroom, a place always chock-full of locals that appreciate good entertainment.

Tip #4: Indulge in a Massage

At The Spa Loft, located at 5441 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, the goal is taking professional and personal care of all its clients. To this end, its expert massage artists believe the path to well-being starts with the treatment of mind, body and spirit in a relaxing and nurturing environment. If you’ve been feeling a bit stressed out what with all the news lately about terrorist bombings and random mass shootings, The Spa Loft provides holistic skin, body and healing treatments that are not only effective but detoxifying, its elements focusing on a full scope of rejuvenation that relieves the damage caused by environmental factors and modern-day lifestyles.

Tip #5: Pamper Yourself

Salons are far from scarce in the L.A. area, but in Woodland Hills, Kim’s Nails at 8225 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Suite 3 represents one of the best examples of a premium pampering experience. Whether it’s a full set of beautiful acrylic nails or one of the best pedicures you’re likely to get in all of L.A., Kim’s has become a hot spot amongst long-standing Woodland Hills residents and new ones alike. Often referred to as the “best pampering place in the Valley” by the legions of discriminating ladies who frequent the shop, Kim’s Nails is the place to go when you truly feel like treating yourself.

Relaxing in the new year isn’t difficult, if you have the right guide…and in the Woodland Hills neighborhood, these aforementioned suggestions will definitely lead you in the right direction.