In a relatively short period of time, the concept of yoga has exploded in sheer popularity across the world, and in the U.S. in particular. As an “umbrella reference,” yoga encompasses religion, philosophy and related practices, with more culturally popular variants emphasizing the physical practices and disciplines. As a physical, mental and spiritual platform, yoga – which originated in India – also takes into account a broad variety of schools, practices and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism (including Vajrayana and Tibetan Buddhism) and Jainism. To date, the best-known variants remain Hatha yoga and Raja yoga.

But regardless of type or spiritual roots, this widely-accepted practice has found its way into many Americans’ hearts and schedules, continuously pushing the envelope of what is possible in self-realization. The Los Angeles community, in particular, has truly taken to the yoga discipline, with studios so widespread throughout the geographic region it’s difficult to keep track of all of them. We have gathered up some of the more influential yoga studios in the Woodland Hills area to make searching for these a nearly effortless task…because if our relentless staff recommends something, you can take it to the bank!

Inner Power Yoga (21928 Ventura Boulevard, 818-591-2639) focuses on an “empowering flow” of Hatha yoga, fusing strength and flexibility to reduce stress. A multitude of classes are offered by the studio, with theLevel 1 course designed to teach the poses and most effective ways to practice the art. Inner Power Yoga’s intuitive website, located at, includes everything first-time visitors would need to know about the studio including class descriptions, instructors, events/workshops, trainings and more.

The Yoga Loft (21228 Ventura Boulevard, 818-710-9057) teaches yoga for the purpose of creating a “firmness in one’s body and steadiness in one’s mind” to help meet the everyday challenges of living with a “courageous heart.” A plethora of studio specials are offered by The Yoga Loft, detailed on the studio’s website located at, while small classes highlight the draws of this popular venue. Further, an expertly-trained teaching staff boasts extensive knowledge for hands-on direction in each class.

Malibu Sun Yoga (21789 Ventura Boulevard, 818-712-9482) brings the benefits of a consistent yoga practice to healthy lifestyles all throughout Woodland Hills, harnessing the principles of strength, flexibility, balance and community which are embedded in each of the studio’s classes. Further, the studio features a custom sequence based on the teachings of sumits yoga, and which is adjustable for the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner, for an energized, beneficial practice. The concept of “hot yoga” is also practiced here, incorporating a heated room that allows individuals to warm up faster while making better use of their joints, muscles and back. More information about Malibu Sun Yoga can be obtained by visiting

Garden of Yoga (22284 Buena Ventura Street, 818-932-9849), headed by the husband and wife team of Stefan and Diana Storace, offers a sanctuary from the wacky, crazy, bustling city that is Los Angeles. The studio’s classes emphasize places for refuge, where one has the opportunity to leave all distractions at the door and focus on the peace within. An advanced Para Yoga Master Training Program represents the “flagship” of services atGarden of Yoga, encompassing a focus on self-mastery, a study of the energetics of sequencing, principles of teaching hands-on adjustment, principles of enlightened practice, exploring the power and radiant soul of yoga and identifying the power and path of yoga. Garden of Yoga’s website can be explored by

From entering the downward-facing dog pose to creating the ultimate mantra, yoga is the perfect counterbalance approach for the “working warrior.” Using this guide to the best yoga studios in Woodland Hills, self-improvement gurus can learn how to let go of insecurities and love themselves…no matter what, all while improving concentration and focus.