Have you heard about all the hoopla surrounding the nation’s new favorite food, the “poke bowl”? Pronounced “POH-keh” – not “poke” like the always-awkward Facebook feature.  This wildly popular Hawaiian indulgence centers around cubed raw fish seasoned to the consumer’s liking, and while it may seem like a new culinary trend, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has actually been around for centuries. It’s basically Hawaii’s favorite food, and for good reason. Poke is healthy, delicious and totally unique.In the Aloha State, the cubed fish is either eaten raw by itself or over a bowl of sushi rice – hence the “bowl” in “poke bowl” – much like deconstructed sushi.  However, the mainland has given the dish a makeover, with trendy restaurants and fast-casual institutions on both coasts like Wisefish Poke in New York and Sweetfin Poke in Santa Monica making the delicacy their own. If you’re ready to try this indulgence that’s been all the rage and live in the Los Angeles area, the following suggestions represent locals serving perfectly scrumptious poke bowls in Woodland Hills.

Poke Bar is said to be the world’s largest poke chain, offering a unique twist on the Hawaiian raw dish . Here, fresh tuna, salmon, albacore, shrimp, octopus, scallop and tofu combine with different mixtures of seaweed, onions, kale and more to create a fresh, light, delicious treat. With enormous portions, always-fresh fish, hospitable staff, and macaroon ice cream sandwiches for dessert, Poke Bar will soon become your go-to place in Woodland Hills for poke bowls. The restaurant is located at 6215 Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

Sweetfin Poke  was established in 2015 and follows a rigorous business philosophy of “From Poke to Bowl,” meaning that in sourcing its fish, the business aims to use the highest quality and most sustainable raw seafood possible while still maintaining a reasonable price point. This philosophy extends into all areas of Sweetfin’s offerings – from its produce and sauces, to the ingredients used to infuse its teas. After falling in love with poke on a trip to the Hawaiian islands, Sweetfin Poke’s owners took the best components of sushi and put them in an easy-to-eat container. Being Californians, the idea of inventive California cuisine infused with what was coming off the aku boats of Hawaii’s fishing areas gave them the inspiration to update the savory mix of Ahi tuna, shoyu and sesame oil with California culinary tricks. Today, the restaurant sits at 6256 Topanga Canyon Boulevard in The Village.

Poke Tiki wants to help customers discover and customize their poke to best match their palate. There are four different bases that can be mixed with seven types of fish, and 10 different toppings finished off with a sauce of your choice. Each bowl here is a fresh experience. Poke Tiki pursues the highest quality ingredients and regularly strives to improve with every poke made. Choose from tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, bay scallop, albacore, cooked shrimp and octopus fish bases, then add toppings from a selection encompassing crab meat, masago, avocado, seaweed salad, edamame, cucumber, green onion, ginger, wasabi, dry seaweed, sesame seed furikake and crunchy onion. Four locations throughout the L.A. area are ready to provide you with the ultimate “poke bowls in Woodland Hills” experience, including Tustin, Tarzana, Orange and Costa Mesa.

Poke Hana is located in the Galleria Market food court and invites you to create your own special poke bowl with the assistance of its wondrously friendly staff. Feeling like something spicy? Craft your own bowl of rice, salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, avocado, krab salad, seaweed salad, cucumber, green onion, jalapeno, crispy onion and extra-spicy mayo and eel sauce. If you don’t want the spicy tuna mixed with the other fish and toppings, opt for the spicy tuna on the side. Poke Hana staff will scoop out a place for rice instead of mixing it in with the fish. This hidden poke gem in the food court of the Galleria Market brings nothing but fresh ingredients and generous portions to the table, so the next time you’re in the area and get a craving for something more health-oriented, give Poke Hana a try. The Galleria Market is located at 10201 Reseda Boulevard in Northridge.

In Los Angeles, you’ll probably stand in line at a poke bowl shop and build your bowl next to a group of publicists or screenwriters, but that just makes the experience all that more memorable. Indeed, what was once a puka-shell-wearing surfer’s mainstay is now the obsession of many Angelinos in oversized sunglasses and denim miniskirts with Shih Tzus at their feet. Trust us when we tell you that the aforementioned spots represent the best when it comes to perfectly scrumptious poke bowls in Woodland Hills.