Woodland Hills, California residents can look forward to an exciting new development in their neighborhood: the detailed construction currently going on at the Woodland Hills Recreation Center at Shoup Park. Shoup Park is a prominent Woodland Hills park that spans four acres. The park is home to a playground, too.

The brand new center is going to be chock-full of fun for Woodland Hills locals. Some of the things in development include tennis courts, a soccer field, a swimming pool, several picnic tables, a play section for youngsters, lighted baseball diamonds, an extensive gymnasium and outdoor and indoor basketball courts. Although the basketball courts will be lighted, the tennis courts will not be. The new Woodland Hills pool will be located outside and will be open depending on the specific time of the year. It’s going to be a seasonal feature. Since the Woodland Hills pool will be equipped with competition lanes, swimmers from local schools will be spending a lot of time there.

The Woodland Hills Recreation Center covers 19 acres and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The roomy Woodland Hills park is going to be the location for many diverse activities that are centered around the community. The center will be home to classes for adults and youngsters alike. These classes will be available at all times of the year. Some examples of these class subjects and activities are music, art, dance, science and athletics. The park’s various athletics programs will be flag football, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer. Seasonal camps will also be available at the Woodland Hills Recreation Center. These camps will accommodate kids who are between the ages of 3 and 12. An art academy will be available for creative types, as well. These camps will take place during the spring, summer and winter months each year.

People who want to beat the heat in Woodland Hills during the summertime have a great and refreshing option coming their way. A brand new Woodland Hills pool is going to be available to area residents for the summertime.

Parents of Woodland Hills youngsters will be able to present their children with many fun, educational and healthy choices in the near future. Children who are interested in all things athletic are sure to appreciate the brand new developments. Kids who have a passion for learning subjects like science are sure to love the new additions, too. There will be a little something for everyone at this Woodland Hills park.