Canoga Park now features a new skate park which was designed by renowned New Line Skateparks. This skate park in Canoga park is the perfect destination for anyone around the San Fernando Valley area of California that enjoys skateboarding. Ledges, rails and transitions are featured for skateboarding enthusiasts, and the park has even been visited by the famous professional skateboarder Tony Hawk who was present for its opening.

The skate park in Canoga Park is located at 21816 Lanark St. of West San Fernando Valley, California. Skateboarders can enjoy the park during the week between the hours of 9 am and 10:30 pm and also on the weekends between the hours of 9 am and 5:30 pm.

Canoga Park features this skate park to help keep members of the community safe. It has long been a common activity for locals to go to Tarzana Street and participate in “bombing”. Bombing is an activity that skateboarders participate in that requires the skateboarder to race down an extremely steep hill at high speeds. The skate park was built in hopes to curb the appeal of racing down a steep street and bring local skateboarders to the skate park which is a much more safe environment for enjoying the sport. City officials voted in 2008 to build the skate park within Canoga Park. The overall cost to build the skate park reached $547,000 which came from sources such as The Tony Hawk Foundation, park funds from the state of California, and city councilman Bob Blumefield’s discretionary funds.

The skate park was named Lanark Skate Plaza and includes over 14,000 square feet of ledges, rails, and transitions for skating enthusiasts. All three features, ledges, rails and transitions, allow skaters to perform tricks and gain valuable air time. The park was specifically designed to give skaters just as much of a rush as “bombing” but in the safe confines of the park gates.

Lanark Skate Plaza brought a safe environment in the form of a skate park to the locals of West San Fernando Valley. For each individual that spends time at the park instead of in the streets, the park has truly served its purpose.