What is it exactly that has made karaoke so popular as a social activity? Have we failed to become rock stars and now look to the experts to show us how to do it? Indeed, there are many bars and after-dark spots throughout the country that exhibit banners for karaoke nights proclaiming “You Are the Star!” – and therein lies the appeal, evidenced by the fact that these karaoke events are normally the busiest nights of the week for most venues.

In order to perform like Kid Rock in public, one would need to be able to play an instrument proficiently, boast a fetching voice, perhaps have a backing band and be able to land gigs – with karaoke, this is not the case. Someone who has only belted out songs in the shower can sing at a karaoke club, as can a famous musician with a myriad of experience under his or her belt; everyone has a chance for that three minutes of “fame.”

If you’re ready to bring out that rock star within and are looking for the best places to enjoy karaoke in Woodland Hills, we’ve assembled the top spots in town.

Paoli’s Pizzeria and Piano Bar isn’t only about some of the best pizza in Los Angeles – starting at 9 pm every night, you can be that rock star you always dreamed about while singing your heart out during karaoke at Paoli’s. While there’s no charge for singing, there is a two-drink minimum as required by the restaurant and piano bar, and it’s recommended you get there early to snag a comfortable spot. Children under 18 are permitted to sing and be on the premises until 10 pm. Paoli’s Pizzeria and Piano Bar is located at 21020 Ventura Boulevard.

Dirty Bull Tavern was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to quality entertainment, and as one of Woodland Hills’ top destinations that brings together people of all ages – 21 years and older – and those with skill levels of all kinds under one roof, you’ll love playing America’s most popular games in one convenient location. Beyond exciting karaoke nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Dirty Bull offers four Phoenix soft-tip boards, two Mega-Touch bar-top games, two steel-tip boards, shuffle board, Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machines, Golden Tee Live and more. The tavern is located at 21797 Ventura Boulevard.

TGI Fridays of Woodland Hills offers karaoke every Wednesday beginning at 10 pm, so gather up your best friends for some laughs and good times – as only the way Fridays can deliver them. Today’s TGI Fridays in Woodland Hills still pays homage to America’s most iconic bar and grill establishment, where killer food is served in an environment where “it’s always Friday.” The restaurant is located at 5919 Canoga Avenue.

What if a musical revolution wasn’t in grunge, hip hop or rock…what if it was actually being fostered in the art of karaoke? Is it possible that one of the most exciting music scenes in America is happening right now in Woodland Hills and it doesn’t feature a single person playing an actual instrument? Stop by any of the aforementioned venues and you’ll discover the answer to those questions – venues that are redefining the concept of “karaoke in Woodland Hills” regularly.