Ask any of the Woodland Hills residents which business has been open the longest and you can be sure that Jim’s Fallbrook Market is going to be the most popular answer. Jim McQuaid started out by renting space for a meat counter in the local market in 1951, but by 1958, he was not just the local butcher; he was the owner of Jim’s Fallbrook Market. The Woodland Hills meat market has since passed down to his son and now, grandson, but you can be sure that this place is here to stay and is keeping up with Jim’s promise to offer quality meat and, just as important, quality service.

In Woodland Hills, Jim’s Fallbrook Market is the place to go when you need fresh meat. Whether you are a chicken lover, beef obsessed, or have a pork preference, you will find the best cuts available. Of course, those who have a taste for turkey or craving for veal will also find the pickings to be more than satisfactory.

What has made Jim’s Fallbrook Market so popular today are Woodland Hills and area residents who have the desire for something different. Jim’s also caters to the more exotic flavorings, including quail, venison, and buffalo. If you have a hankering for rabbit or even ostrich, this Woodland Hills meat market is the place to go.

According to local residents, the offerings at the Woodland Hills meat market cater to everyone and, if you are too tired to cook yourself, all you have to do is stop by Jim’s Fallbrook Market to pick up a meal. While they do offer pizza, Jim’s specials include specialties that you just can’t say no to, including whole chickens, stuffed cabbage, and lasagna. In fact, on the weekends, you can find most of Woodland Hills at Jim’s enjoying the weekend BBQ specials.

Whether you prefer seafood or you are more of the traditional meat and potatoes kind of person, Jim’s Fallbrook Market is going to provide you with everything you need for a great meal, including the bottle of wine to go with it. Jim’s is open Monday-Saturday from 9am to 7pm and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. For any questions, you can visit their website,, or call them at 818-347-5525.