If you’re looking for a notable spot to go hiking in Woodlands Hills, try our local Serrania Ridge Trail. It’s convenient, rarely crowded, and pet friendly, so you and your dog can connect with the great outdoors, along with other fitness enthusiasts who also happen to love their four-legged friends.

Convenient Access
The obvious first perk about Serrania Ridge Trail is its location. While we are surrounded by hiking trails of different lengths and difficulties not a great distance away, hiking in Woodland Hills means you won’t need to go drive very far to get your outdoor exercise in. In fact, you can complete the entire trail in about an hour to an hour and a half, so you should easily be able to fit in in whatever your plans for the day may be.

The Hike Experience
The hike starts at Serrania Avenue Park, just over Woodland Hills. The trail is 2.5 miles out and back, and at an elevation gain of 500 feet. The trail is of varying level of difficulty, including an almost immediate ascent followed by a steep climb. There is very little shade along the trail, except for a large oak tree at a dip in the trail about halfway through the hike. However, mild weather makes it a suitable trail for hiking year round in Woodland Hills. The terrain is mostly rocky, so make sure you choose suitable shoes and are prepared for loose areas as you walk. Serrania Ridge Trail is unmarked, although you’re hardly far from civilization. If you’re uncomfortable with this, bring along trail markers that you can collect on your hike back.

The trail comes to an end at Mulholland Drive with a sweeping view of the Valley. This is an ideal place to catch a sun set behind the Santa Monica Mountains, if your hike is during the evening. In fact, as you head back, you might get to see the sun set again over the San Fernando Valley.

A Word of Caution
Though it is not a widely used trail, be aware that mountain bikers also use the same trail for their workouts. You’ll want to keep an eye out for them, especially since parts of the trail become quite narrow. There is no fee to hike the trail but do remember: Dogs are welcome. Other hikers likely will have their leashed pets out on a walk with them.

Bottom line                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hiking in Woodland Hills is a great option for local hikers – beginners, intermediates and experts – who want to spend some time in the fresh air getting good exercise. Most people could manage the trail just fine with a stroller, if your goal is to take the family outdoors for a leisurely walk, but hikers looking for more of a challenge won’t be disappointed.