Unbeknownst to many of even the most hardcore of dessert fanatics, the concept of frozen yogurt traces its popular history in America back to circa 1981, when TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) opened its first store – but unlike previous prepackaged attempts at making this non-ice-cream dairy treat, TCBY’s yogurt was soft-serve dispensed at the point of sale by way of a specialized machine. TCBY became the largest frozen yogurt franchise in the world at the time, and as others began noticing the company’s success, frozen yogurt as a concept took off in the 80s, reaching sales of $25 million in 1986 alone.  When it comes to “FroYo” in Los Angeles, the dessert’s notoriety is comparable to the idea of celebrity: In other words, everyone’s heard of it, it’s everywhere and sometimes you have to look really hard for the good ones. The following shops continue to serve some of the best frozen yogurt in Woodland Hills day in and day out, so the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet this summer, but don’t relish the thought of all those ice cream-derived calories going in your body, consider a swirl of classic FroYo.

Go Greek Yogurt is an authentic yogurt bar and café inspired by Greek culture and cuisine, dedicated to providing a nutritious and alternative solution to “regular” meals and focused on healthy lifestyles through its nutritionally-dense and delicious menu options. More than a made-to-order and on-the-go restaurant, which are so prevalent in Los Angeles today, Go Greek offers a “healthy living revolution,” where master yogurtiers gravitate to either the fresh yogurt bar or the self-serve Greek frozen yogurt bar; the shop’s Greek frozen yogurt is indeed something special and features fresh, healthy and mainly sugar-free toppings. Go Greek Yogurt is located at 6250 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Suite 1587.

Yogurt Delite has been at its Shoup and Ventura location for more than 20 years, and is believed to be one of the oldest yogurt shops in all of L.A. Return customers often speak of the store’s outstanding full-serve frozen yogurt menu – so you don’t have to worry about making a mess when pulling the lever in the self-serve shops. Yogurt Delite simply offers its customers great frozen yogurt, full service and a friendly, welcoming environment you’re sure to love, too. The shop is located at 22401 Ventura Boulevard Suite F.

Yozen Frogurt of West Hills offers custom homemade self-serve frozen yogurt and low-fat gelato, with a toppings bar that boasts over 60 varieties. The shop’s Tart Lite flavors provide fewer calories than the non-fat per-fluid-ounce varieties, while the sugar-free flavors are bursting with tasty goodness; for those watching their waist line, the “Only 8” flavors have only eight calories-per-fluid-ounce – now how’s that for a guilt-free treat? The frozen yogurt here is made fresh every day and contains both live and active cultures. Yozen Frogurt of West Hills is located at 6450 Platt Avenue in West Hills.

Yogurt Zone offers great choices in yogurt and toppings, served by employees who are always friendly and willing to give their all to customers. As the favorite frozen yogurt shop of many Angelinos, Yogurt Zone wows with such delicacies as the sugar-free chocolate flavor, Thai Tea Boba, Honeydew Milk Tea with Boba and much more. This is also one of the only FroYo stores in Southern California to carry the CarbD’Light brand, with between three and four flavors to generally choose from. For something truly special this summer season, give Yogurt Zone a try, located at 21935 Ventura Boulevard.

There is no doubt that frozen yogurt has become increasingly popular in the last few decades, and one of the main reasons has to do with how healthy it is – frozen yogurt contains quite a few elements that the body needs to stay healthy, such as certain vitamins and even bacteria (the good kind). For frozen yogurt in Woodland Hills, you need look no further than the shops we’ve outlined in this overview.