Philippine cuisine generally consists of the food, preparation methods and dining customs found in, of course, the Philippines. However, the style of cooking and the cuisine associated with it have evolved dynamically over many centuries from their Austronesian origins to encompass a mixed approach of Malay, Indian, Spanish, Chinese and American influences – as well as other Asian Indian cuisine adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate.

Filipino cuisine truly offers something for everyone; you can indulge in hearty lechon, crunchy lumpia, sweet banana turon and freshly-prepared fish all in the same meal – and often on the very same plate. What’s more, Filipino food fans often indulge in ube-laced sweets and morning specialties that showcase the Filipino love of the fried egg (and, of course, Longanisa). From quasi-trendy modern Filipino restaurant concepts in the downtown district to charming little takeaway spots in Carson, California is replete with some of the best places to enjoy all that “Pinoy cooking” has to offer.

Looking for authentic Filipino eateries in the San Fernando Valley? You don’t have to go any further than our Filipino Food in Woodland Hills roundup…

Oi Asian Fusion is a hip and modern Filipino food experience not to be missed, with an uber-creative menu beckoning to be discovered by novices and full-blown Filipino food enthusiasts alike. Favorites at this Woodland Hills institution include a Crawfish Bowl, Adobo Omami Gravy Bowl, Karagee Rice Bowl, Chicken Longanisa and Angus Bun, with return customers always boasting of the crawfish’s variety of flavors, the Adobo Bowl that has achieved balancing the saltiness of the meat by way of its rich gravy and the Chicken Longanisa’s sweetness that’s filling but not overwhelmingly so. Other items of note at Oi Asian Fusion include the Bibimap Bowl for vegetarians, Loco Burger Bowl, Tapsilong, Oi Burger Bowl and Oi Burger.

Hopia Like It offers Filipino baked goods and pastries including Hopia, Chicken Empanada, Bibingka, Siopao, Ensaymada and even Spanish Bread, and is often referred to as the best Filipino-inspired bakery in all of Los Angeles. Established in 1999 by a family of pastry goods purveyors, Hopia Like It operates under the mantra of “quality not quantity,” using only the freshest imported ingredients and employing pastry chefs who have been cooking since they were kids as part of a rich family tradition. You are guaranteed an intimate and relaxed dining experience here, taking you on a journey like no other while providing an unforgettable foray into the flavors and magic of the sumptuous hopia, bread and pastries that define this L.A. hotspot.

Nanay Gloria’s Fast Food redefines what it means to be an “authentic mom and pop ethnic food” restaurant, presenting itself as the kind of place you take out-of-towners when you want to show off your personal “special find” – when it comes to Filipino food in Woodland Hills, this gem offers something for everyone, whether it’s a beef-and-pork asado combo, plantain eggrolls or one of Nanay’s incredible soups. If your perception of Filipino food is that the dishes offer nothing short of excessively heavy flavor and fats, Nanay Gloria’s will squelch that notion immediately, serving Filipino delights in an ultra-casual fashion that exude taste bud-tantalizing overtones.

Supermix Filipino Restaurant will make you fall in love with Filipino food all over again if you’ve been away from it for some time. From the quality of the dishes to the impeccable service, Supermix is often called the best place “this side of the Valley” for “stupendously delicious” Filipino cuisine by its legion of return customers. Often cited are specialties such as Chicken Adobo, Tilapia, Sinigang Soup, Halo-Halo and Orange Noodles with boiled egg slices and sauce. Delightful little tarts, tiny pastries and sour tamarind balls are all finishing touches to an experience you won’t soon forget. Looking for an affordable lunch? Supermix Filipino Restaurant offers generous portions of beef steak, white rice and soup – all for a $4.

The Hut has become renowned for serving the most authentic-tasting Pancit Malabon in the L.A. area…and that is quite the achievement when discussing Filipino food. With a super-friendly staff that’s accommodating and attentive and drawing quite the crowd on weekends and during early evening rush hours, The Hut markets itself as a grill and kitchen for “labor-intensive” Filipino comfort food, a place where you will always find the chefs stirring their pots, grilling their Pork Bamboo Skewered Barbeque or frying Pork Hocks while busy cashiers and servers vocally complete the scene. In the mood for Filipino food but don’t feel like going through the hassles of making it at home? The Hut is your answer.

Something is in the air. Call it what you will: A culinary zeitgeist or a dining establishment movement veering in a decidedly Pinoy direction…or maybe it’s simply the aroma of freshly-fried lumpia wafting in from kitchens all around L.A. Whatever it is, Filipino cuisine is having a moment, and for Filipino food in Woodland Hills, it gets no better than the aforementioned locales.