Five Delicious Healthy Restaurants In Woodland Hills That Health Gurus Will Approve of.

You are still adhering to your new year’s resolutions…aren’t you? With one of them undoubtedly being – don’t we always make this resolution? – to eat better in 2016, we’ve compiled ways to make healthy eating not so boring…specifically, a roundup of healthy restaurants in Woodland Hills that won’t have you longing for the first McDonald’s you see. We all know that eating even a little healthier is challenging and, at first, hunger-inducing; until our bodies adjust to the lack of overwhelming amounts of sodium, glucose, fat and starch they’re used to, we go through a physical roller coaster of emotions and craving withdrawals.

But the following five healthy restaurants in Woodland Hills will appease even the most seasoned of health gurus, while disproving the notion that a healthier diet must come along with nauseatingly simple, boring foods and eateries.

Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Health Nut at 23373 Mulholland Drive offers fresh and healthy food, drinks and supplements in addition to produce that is locally-sourced to ensure freshness and quality. Since its inception, this L.A. healthy eating staple has been a favorite amongst celebrities, fitness experts, casual diners and longtime fans alike, the restaurant regularly cited for its specialties like the Tortilla Wrap, Chef Salad, Noodlerama, Chinese Chicken Salad, Chicken Panini, Deluxe Salad with Tuna and Tuna Avocado Melt. If your new year’s resolution also included doing better on the beverage front, Health Nut offers a bevy of specialty drinks such as the Mango Passion Iced Greentini, Strawberry Mango Iced Greentini, homemade Kombucha, organic herbal tea and low-carb Chai Tea (hot or iced)…so start saying your “goodbyes” to that Pepsi or Coke in 2016!

Tender Greens, with a location in Woodland Hills at The Village at Westfield Topanga, 6344 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, offers a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, outdoor patios and modern interior design elements crafted from – wherever possible – recycled materials and environmentally-friendly products. Dubbed a “fine casual eatery” that combines a fine dining point of view and hospitality with a casual, quick dining atmosphere, Tender Greens serves fresh, healthy, chef-inspired farmer’s market-sensible dishes at affordable prices in a relaxed environment. By working with small local farmers, ranchers, artisans, boutique wineries, breweries and coffee roasters, the restaurant chain is able to provide the best quality ingredients and products for its legions of guests.

Tomato Patch, located at 19730 Ventura Boulevard, serves everything from salad to sandwiches to everything in-between, making watching that waistline in the new year not such an impossible task. Whether it’s classic chicken salad or a bowl of your favorite soup, Tomato Patch caters to those “dieters” not looking for something as dramatic as going right to eating alfalfa sprouts, instead offering dishes more recognizable to the average diner. Consider house specialties such as the Special Chopped Tuna Avocado Egg Salad, Kale Salad with scoops of chicken salad and balsamic vinaigrette or the fresh and healthy Caprese Salad; indeed, you won’t be in for a shock when visiting Tomato Patch.

Healthy Greens, situated at 20929 Ventura Boulevard #43, it’s all about juice bar juices, bowls and salads that are guaranteed to make you healthy and active at all times. To offer its patrons the best drinks, Healthy Greens never fails to monitor its local farmers, double-checking each item before distributing it to its market. Since it opened its doors to demanding Los Angelinos, Healthy Greens has been serving popular dishes to its legions of return fans including the OG Bowl, Kale Salad, Cacao Bowl and Pink Smoothies, all of which keep within the restaurant’s commitment to economical and ecological sustainability.

We know staying healthy – especially in the diet department – isn’t an easy resolution to adhere to. We’ve all broken this most classic of promises at some point in our lives. But by slowly introducing your body to the delicacies served by the healthy restaurants in Woodland Hills we’ve showcased above, you can sustain this goal and rest assured knowing you fulfilled a life-changing resolution for 2016.