Where to Find the Best Bloody Marys in Woodland Hills

Looking for the best Bloody Marys in Woodland Hills? We have you covered. As a classic cocktail comprised of tomato juice, vodka and combinations of additional spices and flavors, the Bloody Mary actually has a difficult time tracing its own roots; some say Fernand Petiot invented the drink in 1921 – long before any of the later claims – when he was working at the New York Bar in Paris at the time, while James Rollins, author of The Skeleton Key, says the Bloody Mary was invented in the Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Paris. The name of the cocktail itself has been linked to several historical figures, specifically Queen Mary I of England and fictional women of folklore, in addition to Hollywood star Mary Pickford.Regardless of its origins, the Bloody Mary is a common “Hair of the Dog” drink in the U.S., reputed by some to cure hangovers due to its combination of a formidable vegetable base (thus boasting stomach-settling elements), salt (for the replenishment of lost electrolytes) and alcohol (believed to be good for relieving head and body pain). Further, the Bloody Mary’s reputation as a restorative beverage undoubtedly contributes to the popularity associated with consuming the cocktail in the morning and early afternoon, especially with brunch.

Below, we have amassed our favorite spots for the best Bloody Marys in Woodland Hills.

The Local Peasant seems to have been hand-crafted for the neighborhood it serves, offering chef-driven comfort foods and local craft beer, craft scratch-made cocktails concocted by expert bartenders, local wines and American bistro-style plates. A Prohibition-era pub infused with a hip Cali vibe, The Local Peasant stands above other L.A. watering and dining holes by featuring an incredible Bloody Mary Bar – if you’re brave enough, come on down and make your own! The Local Peasant is located at 22901 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

The White Harte Public House is all about quality food, great drinks and excellent service, offering 40 different drafts and bottles of beer and a wicked weekend brunch with $5 Bloody Marys and mimosas. Established in 2004 and originally conceived as the sister pub to Fox & Hounds in Studio City, The White Harte Public House has become one of the hottest spots in the West Valley to boast a totally casual vibe, with seven HDTVs, three different rooms, a space for lunch crowds to take a break from the office and bring laptops, 18 popular beers on draft (including imports, domestic and local craft variants), more than 20 bottled beers, spirits, cocktails and wine. The White Harte Public House is located at 22456 Ventura Boulevard.

Eureka! features an American selection of craft beer, small-batch whiskey, regional wine and food items boasting locally-sourced ingredients, all complemented by handpicked house music, televised sports and weekly events such as Steal the Glass and live music. To celebrate the quintessential American tradition of enjoying such classics as the Bloody Mary, Eureka!’s cocktail selection is derived from all-natural liqueurs, fresh fruits and a full bar. The restaurant is located at 6250 Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Los Angeles.

JOEY Woodland Hills offers a modern American dining experience with locally and globally-inspired, handcrafted menu items. If a modern, busting restaurant and cocktail spot in the heart of The Village is what you’re looking for, JOEY Woodland Hills is the consummate answer. Here’s a place that oozes an amazing ambiance and vibe along with trendy, intimate and classy overtones by which to sit back and enjoy a Bloody Mary…made just the way you like it. A gorgeous bar surrounded by TVs complement the main dining room and a central open kitchen, and if you’d prefer to take in the non-stop activity of the nearby Village at Westfield, a lovely outdoor seating area awaits to fulfill your every socializing desire. JOEY Woodland Hills is located at 6344 Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Pickwick Pub is the place to go in Woodland Hills if you’re looking for a classic British-esque gathering joint in the heart of L.A. Traditional British pub food is served alongside amazing cocktails and beer creations, including Miller Light, Shock Top, Kirin Larger, Stella, Bass, St. Archer Pale, Magners Dry Cider, Buckler NA and, of course, the classic Bloody Mary. Gather up your best friends and head over to Pickwick for an evening of delicious Fish ‘n Chips and a foray into a nearly infinite offering of adult beverages. The pub is located at 21010 Ventura Boulevard.

If chili has a “liquid cousin,” it’s definitely the Bloody Mary. In a city that does brunch as seriously as L.A., even home-drinking enthusiasts are going to take a sip or two beyond their own bar…and that’s where these Woodland Hills locales serving some of the best Bloody Marys on the West Coast come in quite handy.