Here’s the Beef:
Exquisite Burger Joints in Woodland Hills

It’s a concept that’s as American as consuming Apple Pie or folding a flag to honor a fallen service comrade, and it’s even been immortalized in many of our favorite films – who can forget when Sylvester Stallone’s “John Spartan” character in the beloved Demolition Man says to the woman working the underground food stand “I just want a burger and a beer if you got one”? Or when Robert Downey Jr.’s “Tony Stark” arrives home after being held captive by the Middle Eastern warlords and demands an “American cheeseburger” in the original Iron Man?

Indeed, we’re referring to America’s love affair with the honest-to-goodness burger…that unmistakable menu staple that can be counted on to deliver no matter the time, place or, for the most part, person. Perhaps rivaled only by that favorite known as pizza, the concept of the classic burger has evolved to become something more than a hockey puck of meat between two slices of bread…even celebrity-esque chefs boasting restaurants in such trendy cities as L.A., Vegas and New York have begun experimenting with the idea of a gourmet burger joint, with most of them such as Gordon Ramsay largely succeeding.

The following burger joints represent some of the best Woodland Hills has to offer, running the gamut from establishments that take patrons back to their days at local burger shacks in the park during their childhood to eateries known to take the concept of the Bacon Cheeseburger to stratospheric new heights.

Burgers in Woodland Hills have never been like this…

Boulevard Burgers, at 21718 Ventura Boulevard, has become as known for its smothered-in-goodness Chili Cheese Fries as its burger selections. Often called “the best burger place in the Valley,” Boulevard offers huge portions and fresh-tasting delicacies that include the almost famous Double Cheeseburger, Patty Melts, thick-cut fries, Pastrami Burger, Bacon Cheeseburger and more. When you’re hankering for a good burger at a very reasonable asking price, putBoulevard at the top of your list.

Though we’ve covered this L.A. dining mainstay a few times in multiple roundups, The Stand, located at 5780 Canoga Avenue, must get mentioned in this “Exquisite Burger Joints” collection – here, giant burgers in Woodland Hills are complemented by a myriad of beers, wines and drinks to culminate in a true down-to-Earth Los Angeles casual eating experience. The Stand has become a favorite amongst its diehard fans for such burger specialties as the El Capitan, ABC Burger, Onion Stack, Chimmy, Westside Veggie, Ultimate Egg and many more.

With 40 locations across the U.S. in California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, Ruby’s Diner is committed to providing “great food and spectacular service in a sparkling clean restaurant environment.” The franchise’s Woodland Hills location, situated at 6100 Topanga Canyon, continues the Ruby’s legacy of boasting a 1940’s diner vibe with a classic soda fountain kick, making for one of the most charming burger experiences you can have in town. From an almost infinite choice of giant burgers to delicious milkshakes, fries and more, Ruby’s satisfies in just about every category.

Though its name makes one think of the ultimate hot dog, DogHaus, with new franchise locations all throughout the U.S. including Los Angeles, offers 100-percent natural Black Angus beef that’s ground fresh daily and that acts as the launching pad for such delicacies as The Ringer, Holy Aioli, Motley Bleu 2.0, The Freiburger, Ava Maria and The Hangover. If these burgers don’t put you into another state of mind, nothing will.

Habit Burger and Grill, located at 22651 Ventura Boulevard, was established in 1969 and now boasts an almost overwhelming amount of locations throughout the Golden State. Understanding that the burger represents “an American icon,” the chefs of Habit Burger put this holy grail of comfort food on a pedestal, chargrilling their creations over an open flame, topping them with fresh-cut lettuce, ripe tomatoes, caramelized onions and melted cheese before finally wrapping them neatly in paper and serving them alongside crisp, hot fries. There’s a good reason why this L.A. joint demands we all “respect the burger.”

No matter how you like it – rare, showing some pink or burned-to-a-crisp well done – there is nothing better than a burger and a great beer when you crave something that just needs no thought or consideration; it’s a staple that will forever remind us of our youth at those backyard barbecues or those gatherings at the local pub amidst conversations with friends or co-workers. The aforementioned locales are not to be missed when looking for burgers in Woodland Hills, and especially not when that unavoidable craving for perfectly-grilled beef between a soft, delicious bun takes over.